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Responding to negative client reviews

Posted on 7th May 2013 by Madeline Maguire

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Have you ever been caught off-guard by a bad online review and not known what to do? Here are some easy steps to take to help you protect your online reputation.

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What makes great marketing?

Posted on 29th April 2013 by Madeline Maguire

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With the rise of social media, is email marketing dead? If you look at the latest research, the answer is absolutely not – but it is changing.

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Rebooking tips from the top

Posted on 17th April 2013 by Madeline Maguire

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You know that rebookings are important, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy process. That’s why we’ve enlisted some of our most successful rebookers to help you out.

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Creative ways to satisfy an unhappy client

Posted on 17th April 2013 by Madeline Maguire

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Nobody likes hearing bad feedback – but whether you are receiving it in person or via a Spotlight review, you should consider yourself lucky. Why, you ask? Because this client has given you the golden chance of being able to change their mind.

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Effective ways to combine your online software tools

Posted on 3rd April 2013 by Valorie Reavis

SMART Tools to Build Your Business

You’re already sending out emails to your clients, taking bookings online, and maybe even monitoring your salon’s KPIs against similar businesses, but are you using these tools together to get the best results?

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The Stylist's Guide to Gift Cards

Posted on 11th March 2013 by Debbie Miller

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When is the last time you sold a gift card in the chair? If it has been a little longer than you’d care to admit, you aren’t alone. But if you are looking to grow your client base, selling gift cards to your clients is one of the easiest ways to do it.

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Non-negotiable client details

Posted on 20th February 2013 by Debbie Miller

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Beyond the obvious name, address, phone, or email address are the interesting demographic facts that can help you flex your marketing muscles.

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