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The Quickest Way to Get Busy

Posted on 20th December 2013 by Chad Law

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I recently spoke for a group of salon professionals in the Midwest and during the question and answer portion of the workshop, someone asked me, “What would you say the fastest way to get busy is?” and without even thinking I said, exceeding the expectations of your guests and your salon. Although direct, when I thought it over later I realized the profound truth in my thoughtless response (tooting my own horn here). The quickest way to get busy is to figure out what your clients want, and over deliver it. Simple, Straight forward, and Seriously true.

I always talk about having a WOW signature as salon professional. That WOW signature includes exceeding expectations in the following areas: product (that’s you), service, and follow up. When you really dissect each of those areas it breaks down to exceeding the client expectations.

When I compare a new stylist who focuses on simply their clients’ needs versus the other who goes through all the growing pains and self-discovery of trying to be a rockstar hairdresser and doesn’t serve their guests, the difference is massive. On one hand you see extreme growth, loyal clients and referrals. On the other you see great work but limited clients, lack of referrals, and a lot of talk with no return.

I was the latter- and learned the hard way. Be the consistent client focused salon professional and save your rockstar ego for when you are actually busy. Cart before the horse, right…

So how do you go about starting this new way of thinking?

1. Make a decision to over-deliver all the time: Very few great things happen by accident. If you want to change your business you have to make the decision to do so, and the first thing you need to decide on is over delivering on every client.

2. Get clear on your client’s expectations: A lot of people don’t even know what their clients want or expect. Figure it out. Information is the key to opening the door of success, and knowing expectations is the golden ticket. All you have to do is ask every client in your own way, “What do you expect from me?” their response sets the bar for you to over deliver.

3. Find specific ways to over deliver: Make a list of expectations on the right side of a piece of paper and draw a line down the center. For every expectation you write, write a way to over deliver on that specific area. How can you make their smile last days? How will you be jaw dropping? Get creative.

4. Make WOW your new standard: Every time you exceed your clients’ expectations you create a last impression that represents your brand. You want to develop a reputation for consistently over delivering. You want to be the first person your clients talk about when someone mentions their hair. That’s how you get busy quickly.

The biggest challenge salon professionals have with over delivering is that they create that new expectation. People will expect you to now over deliver every time, so be ready to commit to a life of improvement and never settling. Every client and every experience is a new opportunity for you to find your true potential and start learning.

Question: Do you have a reputation of over-delivering with your clients? What would it take to get there?

This post was originally posted on the Empowering Salon Professionals blog and has been republished here with full permission. 

Chad Law

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Chad Law is the President and Founder of Empowering Salon Professionals, an organization that partners with over 700 salons across the USA. You can read more from Chad in his book “Why Fake It? When You Can Make It! Unlocking the secrets to success in today’s business of beauty,” or on his website at

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