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Tracking ROI at the front desk

Posted on 19th May 2013 by Valorie Reavis

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One of the biggest questions any marketing-minded salon owner wants to know is: How much return on investment did we get from this promotion? Whilst we could argue that’s not the only measurement that marks success, it is still something to keep your eye on as it’s giving you pertinent information about the promotions that are bringing in more than they cost you.

This may sound all well and good, but most of you know that this statistic can be harder than you think to track. Why? Because you have to tie each marketing activity to the point of sale so that you can measure dollar for dollar what you spent and what you earned. You can’t complete the math without knowing exactly how much the marketing activity brought in.

Know how to track

Every system has a tracking mechanism in it. The best ones allow you to link your marketing campaign to your point of sale so that you can track each individual campaign. For example, in Shortcuts Set & Forget Marketing you can link each email campaign to a specific discount code in the point of sale so that your front desk can track the clients that came in response to one of your email or SMS text messaging campaigns. You can also include a barcode in the emails that can be scanned for easy tracking at the front desk.

Communication is key

Make sure to train your front desk team how to track the campaigns you are running so they can properly speak to clients about the offers and also know how to accept the coupons. Ask yourself if you require them to print and present the offer, or if it’s ok for them to show them the email on the phone or if you’ll just go by their word. Perhaps you prefer to give them a promo code they need to recite to the front desk. Whatever you choose, make sure the front desk knows what the protocol is.

Also ensure that the tracking mechanisms in your software are set up before the campaign launches. Show your front desk how to track it at the point of sale so you can be sure they are on board and you won’t miss anything.

Be in the know

Tracking all this information is all well and good, but if you don’t take the time to sit down and review the results it’s all pretty worthless. Run your reports from your software program and see what your return was. If it was a lackluster performance, go back to your campaign and dissect where it went wrong. What were the open rates like? Did you get many clicks in the email? Was the offer perhaps not very appealing? Bad timing? Not knowing the results or brainstorming improvements could leave you running more poor campaigns in the future and missing out on true potential. 

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A marketing professional who has focused primarily on the hair and beauty business for of the past decade, Valorie now runs linkup marketing, a digital marketing agency for the hair and beauty professional. Valorie works to engage clients in the marketing process and help them successfully engage with their clients and community. Energetic and passionate about the industry, Valorie focuses on blending traditional and digital media in order to bring salons closer to their clients.

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