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Communicating Successful Promotions

Posted on 10th September 2013 by Eric Perera

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It’s Tuesday morning. Your staff meeting has just ended.  Everyone is filing back to ready their stations for the day.  Your brain is racing with all the new promotional ideas your team has brainstormed.  You are feeling motivated and positive about the results you will see and the buzz they will create in the salon. And then it's time to ask the vital question, "How are we going to get this done?"

In the case of most failed promotions, it’s the execution rather than the idea itself that led to its demise.

To ensure a positive result, you need to make sure your promotion gets off the ground properly.  And that all begins with communicating your promotion on the right channels, to right people, at the right time.  Here are some tips to getting the best results from the most used communication methods:

  1. Picture Perfect Facebook Posts: Images are vital when it comes to Facebook marketing as they will help you stand out from the clutter in your clients' newsfeeds. Try attaching pictures to your promotional posts, or for extra marks, create an image with information about the promotion and post that, rather than any text at all!
  2. Pocket Rocket: Email blasts are a great way to communicate promotions to your clients, but don't forget about testing them on a mobile device.  Being that most people connect to the world with their smartphones, if your email marketing messages aren't 'mobile-friendly', your messages will get lost in translation.
  3. Relevance is Everything: Tailor your promotions to your clients based on their service and product histories.  Your clients are getting bombarded with promotional emails every day, and one of the most powerful ways for you stand out is by speaking to their taste.  For example, if the promotion is on a certain product line, think about sending a unique message to clients that you know purchased that product before. 

What are your promotional rules for success?

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