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The ABCs of an effective front desk

Posted on 7th August 2014 by Paul Rose

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A well-managed and efficient front desk is the hub around which your entire salon revolves. When things are flowing smoothly at the front desk, everything else seems just that little bit more effortless.

It helps keep your other employees on track throughout the day, and ensures your client experience – from when they first walk through the door to when they say goodbye – is completely seamless.

Having a motivated and dedicated front desk team is key – but what exactly makes a good receptionist?

It’s as easy as ABC!

A is for attitude

We all know that a friendly, professional ‘people person’ should greet people as they arrive and make them feel welcome. First impressions count – and someone who can offer genuine warmth coupled with a bright smile will be able to set the scene for a five-star customer experience.

But when it comes to the day-to-day tasks associated with working at the front desk, a can-do attitude is just as important as a great personality. Charm plus organizational skills is an unbeatable combination!


B is for broad knowledge

Chances are your receptionist knows your business inside-out. For the finer details of services and products on offer, and pricing and special offers, they are often the go-to person. But one thing can be overlooked: general knowledge.

Knowing what’s going on in your local area, and what’s making headlines, will help your front desk staff connect with your clients by getting meaningful conversations flowing. Try discussing these topics at your weekly team meetings, to keep your receptionist – and the rest of the team – informed.


C is for communication

Effective communication is the doorway to a great client experience – and your receptionist holds the key. From the moment they step into your business, your clients are constantly revealing little details about themselves that will help you ensure their visit is a memorable one.

From their children’s names to their preference for red, white, or sparkling, a good receptionist will record all the details. The client information cards in your software enable your front desk staff to take note of as much information as possible, in a format that makes it easy for the entire team to draw on.


How does your reception team keep your business ticking? Share your comments below.

Paul Rose

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Paul has over 15 years' marketing experience working in different industries, with particular emphasis on using data to create measurable campaigns. Joining the Shortcuts UK team in 2009, Paul executes a variety of marketing strategies throughout the UK & Ireland.

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