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The Launch Party

Posted on 21st February 2014 by Simone Young

Mars Venus Launch Party Large

The doors were cast open to the balmy evening, the champagne flowed, the DJ played chillout tunes, and guests mingled with models on the red carpet, showing off the latest fashions and styling trends.

No, it wasn’t the Grammys after party – it was the official launch of Richmond’s newest salon, Mars & Venus Hair.

The crowds gathered at around 6pm, some by prior invitation, with others drawn in from the street, enticed by the relaxed vibe and the offering of a free beverage or two.

I welcomed every guest personally, welcoming them to the salon and treating them to goodie bags filled with goodies including product samples, a salon loyalty card, and vouchers and other treats donated by local businesses.

Mars & Venus stylists Julie and Jon were on hand, offering their professional styling tips and performing live demos, showcasing everything from how to create the perfect curls with a GHD to tips and tricks on how to use the latest styling products.

At 7pm, the models hit the catwalks – the three boys and six girls working it, while I talked through each of their individual styles, why we had chosen them for that particular model, and what made them unique.

The launch party was the perfect opportunity to connect with locals – both potential clients and businesses – to let them know all about our all new salon, and the excellent offering we provide.

Organizing an event like this is not for the faint hearted. It was a soiree weeks in the making – and a lot of work went in to simply getting people through the door on the night.

But guess what? It worked! In total, about 80 people attended – which, for a small seven-seater salon is huge!

Some of our existing clients came along, and it was fantastic to see that they believe in what we do enough to show their support.

We also grew our database by collecting guests’ details, ensuring we can reach out to more people to grow our client base and continue on our journey to becoming a highly profitable, thriving salon business.


about the author

After two decades working in the hair and beauty industry, Simone Young is realizing her dream of opening her own salon. Simone’s vision for Mars & Venus hair in Melbourne, Australia is to create a vibrant space where clients feel at home. Simone also works part-time as an online product specialist at Shortcuts.

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