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Flexing your online muscles

Posted on 13th June 2014 by Paul Rose

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Whether you have a website, Facebook page, Instagram account or all of the above, digital marketing goes a long way in helping you attract more new clients and grow your business. 

No matter how great you are, simply promoting your services and treatments online isn’t enough. Showcasing your professionalism and demonstrating what your clients will get from you that your competition can’t offer is essential to building loyalty to your digital brand.

Don't expect instant results - the chances of something you post going viral are very slim. Building an online presence is a bit like going to the gym - you'll see small gains each week, but you'll need to stick with it for the long term to reap the real rewards.

Here are our top three tips to help you flex your online muscles!

Show off!

Think you haven’t got anything new to share? What about discussing your take on the latest hair or beauty trends, or showing off your new collection? How about celebrating staff achievements, running competitions, or posting photos of special events?

Sharing general news and the day-to-day ups and downs of running a business will keep your social media followers engaged and entertained.

Client reviews and testimonials also provide compelling content to help get your story across and build your online reputation. These should be updated regularly so they stay fresh and relevant. Spotlight is a great tool that helps you quickly and easily post reviews to Facebook and your website. 


Keep it local!

Have a look at what other businesses in your area are doing. Keep an eye on your direct competition, but don't forget to check out what other kinds of businesses in your area are doing. 

Partnering with local businesses is a great way to grow your digital footprint and provide your clients with those extra perks. You can piggy-back on each other’s online presence and grow your businesses together.

For example, you could pair up with a gym or fashion boutique, offering special discounts so your clients can complete their new look. Teaming up with a bar or restaurant is another great way to offer unique benefits for your clients and become part of the local social scene.


Sharing is caring!

Don’t be afraid to share tips and tutorials so clients can get the look they want at home. Don't worry that providing advice will mean your clients don’t need you anymore or won't come in as often. In fact, the opposite is true. By being generous with your knowledge you will start to build their trust, which is essential to keeping clients loyal. This is also a great way to showcase new services or treatments that clients will be tempted to try.

Finally, keep in mind that your audience is not always going to be looking on your website or social media channels when you share your news. It's a good idea to reinforce your message by sending out email newsletters to your clients. Set & Forget Marketing offers great-looking, professional templates that you can use to easily create and send out your emails.

Paul Rose

about the author

Paul has over 15 years' marketing experience working in different industries, with particular emphasis on using data to create measurable campaigns. Joining the Shortcuts UK team in 2009, Paul executes a variety of marketing strategies throughout the UK & Ireland.

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