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The numbers game: improve business with reporting

Posted on 5th June 2014 by Lisa Conway

The Numbers Game Blog

Why do you keep score when you play a game? From football to Monopoly, scoring helps you see how you’re doing!

It’s the same in your salon. Scoring shows your strengths and weaknesses so you can find ways to work better.

Many salons use software to automatically track sales, appointments and revenue, but they don’t actually use this information to improve the way they do business. 

Tracking key numbers and sharing them with your team lets you set realistic targets and pinpoint where your weaknesses are.

Key metrics to track

Rebookings. Rebooking helps you as much as it does your client. The number of rebookings is a good indicator of future revenue, and it is also a great way to see whether clients are satisfied with your service. Your clients can secure the appointment time they want, on the date they need to maintain their style.

Retail sales. When a client buys the product they need to keep their hair looking great between salon visits they’re more likely to use it, and enjoy the results. The research also shows clients that buy retail are much more likely to stay loyal

Non-returning clients. This is probably the most important number of all! You really need to know why clients don’t come back, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. This is why re-booking at the time of your appointment is critical – it may be your only chance to ask them. 

How to use these numbers

Use your numbers or industry averages to set goals for your salon and for each team member and then turn it into a challenge or game.

It’s not a question of telling low performers how poorly they’re doing, it’s about watching every team member improve.

Focus on the positive, “Ok, last week you managed to re-book 15 clients, let see if we can get that to 18 this week.” Or, “Let’s see if we can sell product to 25% of clients this week, rather than 20%.”

You’ll soon start to see the results, and can continue to track your progress and set new goals to keep your business growing.

Lisa Conway

about the author

Lisa Conway is a Business Coach at Zing Business Coaching, helping clients across the hair and beauty industry put the energy back into their business. Lisa works closely with managers and team members to help solve the everyday problems faced in the industry, and make their salons more profitable, personable, and satisfying for clients, staff, and owners.

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