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What's your mobile marketing recipe?

Posted on 27th March 2015 by Madeline Maguire

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Today’s client has an appetite for all things mobile – and wants to do business with you on their terms.  One of the smartest ways to attract new clients and keep your existing ones coming back for more is by serving them up with modern conveniences. 

Great service is about more than just a fantastic consultation; it starts when the client searches for you online and continues after they leave. 

Here are our top mobile technologies to help you satisfy your tech-hungry clientele! 

Online Booking 

Convert web traffic to sales with online booking, and allow clients to secure an appointment 24/7. There’s nothing more delicious than instant gratification! 


Self Check-in 

No reservations? No problem! Allow your customers to check themselves in online before they arrive. 


2-way SMS Confirmations 

Chop your no-shows in half by giving your clients a convenient way to confirm their appointments in their own time.


Special Offers 

Whet your clients’ appetites for a hot deal with targeted, last-minute offers sent to their mobile device. 


Mobile App Brings it Together 

Put your business in the palm of your clients’ hands with your own customized Shortcuts app, integrated with your point of sale software to give instant access to news, specials and the ability to book or check-in from anywhere. 

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Madeline is a seasoned marketing specialist, having worked with a wide range of consumer and trade brands throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Working in a global role at Shortcuts, Madeline executes marketing strategies throughout the USA and Australian markets.

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