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Introducing Shortcuts Fusion

Posted on 28th January 2015 by Angel Gonzales

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Fusion, the latest version of Shortcuts, jam-packed with amazing new features. 

You will be hearing from us soon with instructions on how to quickly upgrade your system, but to get you excited in the meantime here are some of the top new tools coming out in Fusion. 

1. Client dashboard

Our new dashboard gives you an at-a-glance summary of key client information. In one click you can view everything from past and future appointments, through to alerts and their average spend.

2. Anywhere

By popular demand, we have updated Anywhere to allow you to make, reschedule and cancel appointments from your smartphone, iPad, tablet or PC. 

3. Arrivals screen

The ultimate tool for a busy salon, our new arrivals screen shows you clients' scheduled arrival times and who is running late. Instead of searching the appointment book, simply type in their name and click arrive. 

4. Surcharges

You will have the ability to automatically apply surcharges for specific payment types or national holidays. 

5. Upfront payments

Very soon you will be able to take either full or partial payments upfront as part of the online booking process. This is a fabulous way to cut down on no-shows, as clients are more likely to turn up for their appointment if they have already paid.

For more information on Fusion visit 

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Angel Gonzales is a Shortcuts Educator with an extensive background spanning 13 years in salon management. Angel is passionate about helping like-minded professionals take their businesses to the next level with smart technology.

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