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Five tips for fabulous festive marketing

Posted on 8th October 2016 by Melissa Payne


Fall has officially arrived - the season of pumpkin spiced lattes, cozy sweaters and rolling out your festive marketing campaigns!

As you prepare for the busiest season of the year, here are some marketing ideas to help you reap the rewards of the holidays well into the New Year. 

Idea 1: Get creative with gift cards

Chances are, gift cards are part of your holiday marketing staple. Before you pull out the same displays as last year, don't forget the simple gift card is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have at your disposal. As well as getting the upfront sale, you also get the chance to meet a brand new client - the ultimate win-win for your business. There is so much you can do with gift cards beyond driving immediate purchase. 

For example, you can offer free gift cards with every purchase over a certain dollar amount. Your clients will love the extra value-add, which they can either gift to one of their friends for the holidays (a referral for you), or use on themselves to try one of your other services. You could also give gift cards to your special VIP high-spending clients, who can use it to introduce you to their like-minded friends. These clients are our bread and butter, and a special gift acknowledging their loyalty is always appreciated. 

Idea 2: Host an event 

Holding a holiday party is a great way to build your brand community, while also bringing in new business. Encourage your clients to bring a friend, and be sure to grab their contact details to add your marketing database. Want to do something a little different? Why not host a special educational night to teach clients how to use styling tools at home in time for holiday parties. Want to save on budget? Partner with local businesses to sponsor food and alcohol in exchange to have their logo on your marketing materials.

Idea 3: Package for profits

Take advantage of the influx of clients coming in to look their best for holiday events by offering special packages for the season. This could be discount on makeup application with a blowout, or a free chair manicure with hair color. Gift packages are also a great idea - both for products & services, and are easy to manage by bundling them together using your Shortcuts system. 

Idea 4: Take your displays to the next level 

Visual displays are a great way to attract attention for your promotions, but it takes a little more than tinsel to stop today's client in their tracks. This year, why not take yours to the next level by adding some level of interactivity? For example, if you're promoting a pamper package, why not have a member of your staff at the stand giving free hand massages at certain times during the day? You can also get your team involved in brainstorming new props & decorations by making their design & construction a fun team-building event or even a competition. 

Idea 5: Planning for January, now 

The post-holiday slump is a pain felt across the salon world, but planning ahead can make a big difference in the New Year. Search your Shortcuts Database for clients who will be due for an appointment in January/February, and have your team proactively reach out to them to lock in their appointments now. You can even offer them some type of incentive for pre-booking for January to close the deal. You can also extend this offer to non-returning clients to help drive them back into the business. 

What has been your most successful holiday campaign?

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Melissa Payne is a marketing professional and copywriter with a love of all things creative. At Shortcuts, Melissa creates marketing collateral that helps salons, spas, clinics and barbers achieve their goals and run their business more effectively.

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