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Quick wins for your social media campaigns

Posted on 26th August 2016 by Fleur Murphy

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Whether you’re trying to build your own personal brand or are looking for a fresh new way to connect with your clients, social media is a must-have tool for your business.

There are few better ways to create enduring relationships that reach beyond the four walls of your salon. Social media lets you build your brand’s personality and reach out to your clients in an instant.

Here’s our quick and easy tips on how to perfect your social media presence.

Tell a story

Forget going viral – the best way to create a thriving community online is to tell a story. This could be anything from posting shots of your new salon renovation as it progresses, or links to an interview featuring one of your most stylish clients explaining how to achieve their look. Anything that will let your brand’s personality shine through, and let you have a bit of fun in the process!

Create gorgeous images

Great imagery is a must when it comes to social media, particularly Instagram. Make the most of all your professional shoots and before-and-after photos and get them up on social media, stat. If you want your pics to pack a little more punch, try adding text and other design elements using the super-simple tool, Canva.

Give video a try

Video content is the perfect way to grab people’s attention in an instant. As a bonus, you’ll get more reach on Facebook if you use videos instead of photos. They don’t have to be anything fancy – try something simple like filming one of your gorgeous clients admiring their new look in the mirror. Use Boomerang to help you capture something short and sweet in an Insta-ready format.

Prepare and automate

Ever wonder how so many businesses manage to post so regularly on social media? A little prep-time is key, and a little effort can make your social media content go a very long way. For example, try bringing your camera in to the salon one day, taking a bunch of before-and-after shots, then using an app like Hootsuite to automatically post one every few days over the next month or so.

Hook them in

Here’s one you might not already know about: adding an Online Booking button directly to your Facebook page! This is the perfect way to drive bookings from new clients, the moment they find out about your business online. It also makes it easy for your existing customers to return. It only takes a few super-simple steps to get set up.

Build your reputation

Are your clients raving about fabulous you are? That’s awesome! Why not spread the word with Shortcuts’ powerful Ratings and Reviews feature? This is the perfect way to keep track of what your clients really think of you, and you can even pick and choose which reviews to share on social media to help you add the cherry on top of your impeccable reputation.

Fleur Murphy

about the author

Fleur Murphy is a strategic thinker and marketing expert with a passion for the hair and beauty industry. With her drive to build strong brands, Fleur has helped businesses across Australia achieve tangible results from their marketing activities. At Shortcuts, Fleur focuses on strategies to help salons, spas and clinics get the most out of their business technology.

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