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What's new in Fusion?

New Client Dashboard 

  • The new Client Dashboard allows you to see everything you need to know about a client all on one screen - from past and future appointments, to alert notes, no-shows and cancellations. 

Arrivals Screen 

  • The ultimate tool for a busy salon, our new arrivals screen shows you client scheduled arrival times and who is running late. Instead of searching the appointment book, simply type in their name and click arrive. 

Booking Management via Anywhere 

  • You can now allow your stylists to make, schedule and cancel bookings using Anywhere. This could save your front desk team hours every month! 

Online Booking Update 

  • Instead of having to call in to cancel or reschedule online bookings, you can now allow your clients to do this all online. 

Point of Sale

  • You can set up your point of sale to automatically apply a surcharge for specific payment types or on national holidays. 
  • If you use coupon promotions, you can now configure this promotion so the coupon must be presented to checkout. 
  • When a client is being checkced out, you can now view their loyalty card number without having to scan it in.
  • You have the ability to stay on the client’s ‘history’ screen when refunding an item, rather than being transferred back to the ‘point of sale’ screen, making it easy to refund multiple items. 
  • You can now sell deactivated services to clients who booked before their service was deactivated.

Appointment Book

  • The type of service in the appointment book can now be changed without having to delete it and create a new appointment.
  • Multiple appointments can be selected for one client in a single click to move them to a new date and time.
  • Group bookings can now be easily identified and managed with new color-coded visual markers. You can now also filter the appointment book by client groups. 

Inventory Replenishment

  • Calculate statistics for a subset of products, rather than for your entire product range using the new dropdown menu.
  • Calculate statistics more easily with new helpful explanations.

Other Improvements

  • Easily subscribe clients to marketing by clicking the ‘accept marketing’ checkbox, which has replaced the ‘telemarketing’ checkbox.
  • Encourage staff to collect as many client details as possible, by making them tick a checkbox on the ‘missing details’ window, before the window can be closed.

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