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Introducing the latest S.M.A.R.T. System™ upgrades

Posted on 21st August 2013 by Madeline Maguire



  • New ‘forgot password’ field has been added to the sign-in screen allowing you to retrieve lost details without needing to contact Shortcuts Support
  • New drop down menu allowing you to add new users to your sites.


  • New option to configure the staff gender types in your online booking page to suit your business (i.e. if you have no male staff you can remove this option)
  • Ability to remove certain staff members and categories as options from your online booking engine (i.e if you have a school and do not want requests for students)
  • Enhancements have been made to ensure the accuracy of site listing information and display preferences
  • Prompt will now appear when clients are trying to book an appointment when they are already booked in for that same service within a 7 day period to prevent accidental double-ups
  • You can now view your BookME bookings within specified date ranges from the Client Console
  • New option to remove the service duration from the confirmation screen if not displayed on the confirmation email.
  • Business contact number will be displayed by default if your site is showing off line for bookings


  • New column has been added to the transaction table allowing you to record an explanation for manual adjustments made, to help you track and manage gift cards more effectively


  • The criteria for comparing your KPIs as either higher or lower compared to last year (thumbs up or thumbs down) has been increased to a margin of 5% to help you more accurately track your performance
  • New option to customise your dashboard by configuring what KPIs you would like to display on your Scorecard map 
  • New ability to find out how your business compares to industry averages from outside your direct community (i.e. hair salons can now also compare their stats to beauty salons etc)
  • New feature allowing you to toggle between your ‘map’ view and your ‘tile’ view
  • New message been added under the Client Retention and Client Visit Frequency graphs showing you the minimum time required for graphs to display meaningful data to help you more accurately interpret results.


  • Spotlight and mylocalsalon reviews are now listed by appointment date, rather than submission date, to ensure your profile always highlights the most relevant feedback
  • Clients submitting reviews to you directly (not through mylocalsalon) can be made anonymously, to help clients feel more comfortable sharing their honest feedback
  • Your Net Promoter Score (measuring your client satisfaction) now displays on your Spotlight home screen
  • Ratings now only highlight your reviews from the past 6 months to reflect your evolving client service offering 
  • New option to receive an immediate email notification when your business receives a negative feedback score
  • Enhanced compatibility between the Spotlight ‘widgets’ and Wordpress
  • Spotlight reviews posted to Facebook will no longer redirect to BookME page
  • Spotlight graphs now include a message to highlight months in which no reviews were submitted
  • New option to download ‘contact summaries’ to view what clients have been contacted using Spotlight
  • New map view available for multi-site businesses
  • Contact name and suburb details now display on client review form automatically. Previously if the site was not signed up to mylocalsalon, these details would not be shown.

Online CIC

  • Security PIN screen is now mobile-friendly
  • New field in the search client results page displays date of a client’s last visit
  • Ability to add new client records.


Self Check-In

  • You can now choose whether or not you would like to display a legend on your wallboard
  • Enhancements have been made to increase the accuracy of approximate wait-times on the wallboard.



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Madeline is a seasoned marketing specialist, having worked with a wide range of consumer and trade brands throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Working in a global role at Shortcuts, Madeline executes marketing strategies throughout the USA and Australian markets.

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