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Set & Forget Marketing setup changes

Posted on 13th May 2014 by Angel Gonzales

What is the issue?

If you have a Yahoo or AOL email account which you are using as the 'from' address in Set & Forget Marketing, your emails are no longer being delivered.

All clients using a Yahoo or AOL email address for their Set & Forget Marketing are required to make an immediate change to their account setup.


Why is this happening?

AOL and Yahoo have recently made an amendment to their terms of service. These companies are no longer allowing their email accounts to be used by any third party email sending platforms, including Shortcuts Set & Forget Marketing.


What can I do to fix this?

You will need to update this to an alternative address as soon as possible to ensure your email campaigns reach your clients.


How exactly do I do this?

Step 1: Change your email address

Talk to your internet service provider or web hosting company about getting a new email address. Most providers will give you a free account as part of your package.

They may be able to give you either an email address with their domain name (such as OR an address with your website domain (such as

We do not recommend you use Gmail or any other 'free' email provider, as these companies are likely to implement similar policies in the future. 


Step 2: Change your default email in gCast

1. Visit the gCast website and login.

2. Click Admin.
Click Admin

3. Click Site Preferences.
Click Site Preferences

4. Click Campaign Settings.
Click Campaign Settings

5. Enter your new email address in the Campaign From Email and Campaign Reply-to Email fields.
Enter New Email Address

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.
Click Save


Step 3: Update your active/future campaigns in gCast.

1. Return to the gCast home page.

2. Select View Recent Campaigns.
Click View Recent Campaigns

3. Select Active from the Campaign Status dropdown.
Click Active

4. Click on the first active campaign in the list.
Click First Active Campaign

5. Click Status.

Click Status
6. Click Cancel.
Click Cancel

7. Click Send Options.
Click Send Options

8. Enter your new email address in the Sent From and Reply To fields.
Enter New Email Address 2

9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.
Click Save

10. Click Status.
Click Status 2

11. Click Activate Campaign.
Click Activate Campaign
12. Repeat for all of your active/future campaigns.


I'm still unsure about this - how do I find out more?

For more information please give us a call on 866 678 7324.

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about the author

Angel Gonzales is a Shortcuts Educator with an extensive background spanning 13 years in salon management. Angel is passionate about helping like-minded professionals take their businesses to the next level with smart technology.

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