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Posted on 4th November 2015 by Angel Gonzales



  • You will now receive a notification when trying to log in to Shortcuts Live if the date and time settings on your device need to be changed.

Appointment Book

  • We have improved the performance of the Appointment Book, ensuring it is fast to respond even when there are multiple users.
  • The Rq (request)/Nrq (new request) label is now visible when you make an appointment through the sidebar.
  • We have resolved an issue in the Appointment Book where in-progress bookings remained on the appointment book when they were not longer in-progress.

Service Setup

  • You will no longer see sub-services incorrectly displayed in the services list. 
  • The + button will now always appear regardless of any filter.
  • All new services are now correctly listed in alphabetical order.
  • The future tax category of a service or product will now always be saved unless a sell or cost price has been entered.

Point of Sale

  • You can now easily refund a transaction with multiple items.
  • Tips are now correctly recorded when a discount is applied to a sale.
  • Tax is now automatically added when a price is updated from $0.
  • It is now not possible to accidentally create duplicate appointments in the appointment book by selecting the done button multiple times.
  • You can now easily apply tip limits to transaction values at Point of Sale. We have stopped an error from appearing when the End Sale icon is accidently selected multiple times.
  • You can now process tips that are added after a sale has been completed if the customer is marked as "tax exempt".
  • The prices of services will default to "null" rather than $0 when no price has been specified.
  • You can now modify item/s after adding and then removing a discount for those item/s.
  • You can now apply a discount to a transaction that includes one or more items with a price of $0.


  • You can now save a customer’s alert message by clicking “done”.
  • We have resolved an issue where an error would sometimes appear when editing a customer card.
  • We have resolved an issue to ensure the customer's gender will remain in the client card after a sale has been completed for that customer.


  • On the History screen, the wording in the filter has been changed from 'Select a date' to 'Select a year'.

Product Setup

  • All new products are now correctly listed in alphabetical order.

Employee Setup

  • The 'Can be booked' option will not be displayed and selectable if the employee is not enabled to display in the Appointment Book.


  • We have resolved an issue ensuring users will not be locked out of Shortcuts after making changes to their role.
  • You can now control which roles can access appointment book settings and contact settings.



  • We have resolved an issue to ensure employee-specific pricing for services is always displayed correctly.


  • You can now choose whether or not you would like your clients to receive an email confirmation for their booking.
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Angel Gonzales is a Shortcuts Educator with an extensive background spanning 13 years in salon management. Angel is passionate about helping like-minded professionals take their businesses to the next level with smart technology.

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