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Latest S.M.A.R.T. System improvements

Posted on 14th July 2016 by Angel Gonzales

Check out the latest improvements to the S.M.A.R.T. System!

What’s new

You can now easily view all the available themes for BookME by clicking "View themes” in the company settings of your S.M.A.R.T. System console.

Fixes and improvements

Online CICs

  • We have made some new improvements to the look and feel of Online CICs.

    <Online CICs on iPad

Program Manager

  • You will now always see the correct currency symbol in Program Manager.


  • We have resolved an issue to ensure you can always search for new clients on mobile devices.

Salon App

  • You can now control whether or not your business is available in the app, by ticking the "Active" tickbox in the App Settings screen in the S.M.A.R.T. System Console. If you deactivate the app while clients are using it, they will received a message stating that the app is not currently available.
  • Clients can now cancel a visit they have checked in to via the Salon App.
  • We have improved the user-friendliness of the Salon App on iPhone.
  • You can now let clients cancel appointments immediately after they have booked them, by enabling "Cancellations" in the BookME Settings screen in the S.M.A.R.T. System Console.
  • We have improved the "Change Location" screen. The favourites list will now only appear when your clients have favourites saved.


  • We have resolved an issue to ensure all service categories are available in the BookME settings to prioritise in your preferred booking order.


  • You can now display the following brands on your mylocalsalon page:
    • Artemes
    • Black Chicken
    • Cocooil
    • Foot Peel
    • Herbal Peel
    • Pearl Bar
    • Perla
    • Skindles
    • Storm and India
    • The Good Night
    • The Beauty Chef
    • Welle Co
    • RPlus Co
    • Environ
    • Jane Iredale
    • Uspa.
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about the author

Angel Gonzales is a Shortcuts Educator with an extensive background spanning 13 years in salon management. Angel is passionate about helping like-minded professionals take their businesses to the next level with smart technology.

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