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Set & Forget Marketing™ FAQs

What is it?

Set & Forget Marketing™ is the ultimate marketing tool for your business. Easy, automated, targeted and effective, it offers email marketing that you can set up once, yet reap the rewards all year long.

How many characters can I have in an email?

Your emails themselves are not limited in length, however we do recommend keeping them short and sweet for maximum impact.

Can I add my own photos to emails?

Absolutely! You have your own image gallery that you can upload to at any time. Once uploaded your images are available to use in any of your template designs.

What size do my photos need to be?

We recommend that you keep your images to the standard sizing which is 650 pixels wide in total. The smaller square images are best kept to the standard 278 x 278 pixels.

Is there a limit to the number of emails I send? & Do I get charged for every email I send out?

No! The great thing about email marketing is that the delivery is free regardless of the quantity of emails you send. You should keep in mind how many emails individual clients will receive in a year (between 8-12 is best). When people feel bombarded they will unsubscribe.

Can you find out if the client didn’t receive the email?

Yes, you can see the quantities of sent, opened and bounced email through the campaign manager section of your Set & Forget Marketing™.

Can I select my own clients?

Yes! You can create targeted marketing campaigns for various groups of clients by selecting the relevant ones in the demographics section.

Can I send newsletters through this?

Absolutely! We recommend that you do use your email marketing to create newsletters. They are a great way of letting your clients know what’s happening in your business and remind them to come back in and book their next appointment.

Will the campaigns expire?

Yes, when you set up your campaigns you will allocate a start and finish date. We recommend you review your campaigns on an annual basis to keep the content exciting and fresh, and make sure they’re not expired.

Will the advertising conflict with any products or services I provide?

No, the advertising is for generic services and products. We are not currently using any industry advertising. 

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