5 Mobile Myths Debunked

Mobile apps – ideal for booking a hotel, finding an apartment and… connecting with your salon clients.

There are so many misconceptions surrounding just how much salon apps can help your business and by ignoring their benefits, you may miss vital opportunities to create a true community around your salon.

Here are  5 common myths surrounding your salon and mobile app technology – debunked!

Myth 1: I don’t need an app, I have a website

One of the hottest topics right now is the debate on mobile apps vs mobile-friendly websites: do you really need both? The answer is: yes. As similar as these tools might seem, if you want to attract and retain today’s tech-savvy, mobile-loving clients, you’ll need a combination of both.

Myth 2: …But my website is mobile friendly!

Your website and your app are both equally important. Your website will help you stand out in an online search and let new clients find you. A customized mobile app, on the other hand, is incredibly powerful as it gives your existing clients direct access to your salon without having to Google you. It will help you stay connected, boost loyalty, and increase your profits.

Myth 3: Mobile apps are expensive

They don’t have to be! Rather than enlisting a developer to custom-build an entire app to meet your requirements, partner with a point of sale software provider like Shortcuts Software that offers this as an add-on feature. All you have to do is decide what to include, upload your images and details, and you’ll save time as well as a ton of money!

Myth 4: Apps are too hard to use

Any good app will be designed with you and your clients in mind, to make creating and maintaining a meaningful connection as simple as possible. Make sure the app you choose has been created by a team with plenty of experience in the hair and beauty industry – they will be well equipped to understand what will really work for you.

Myth 5: An app won’t synch with my appointment book

This is only true if you choose a standalone app that doesn’t speak to your point of sale system. If your app is integrated with your software provider, it will seamlessly work with your appointment book to ensure your clients can only ever book appointments where you have schedule availability.

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Shortcuts Software has just released a new salon client app that is taking the industry by storm. To find out more about mySALONapp, and the rest of the Shortcuts marketing and management system, fill out the form and a representative will be in touch!


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