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Gift Cards

Whether print or online, gift cards are a great way to guarantee bookings after the holidays.

Upfront payments

Have your clients pay a deposit or for the full service upfront. They’re less likely to cancel or no-show if they’ve already made a financial commitment.

Shortcuts Automated, cloud-based email marketing system

Email Marketing

Be seen. Get in front of your clients with email marketing.

Black Friday is Coming. Be ready!

  Rumor has it that the traditional mad dash and spike of adrenalin common to Black Friday could be decreasing. According to experts, online sales are increasing while brick and mortar visits are down. So what? For the beauty industry Black Friday is less about a day of frantic selling…
Nov / 19 / 2019
Christin Riggs
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This is how you should tackle salon targets

Ready to set salon targets you're destined to stick to this time around? And ready to find out hands-down the best way to track them? You have come to the right place!
Nov / 20 / 2019
Caitlin Adamson
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Steve Hilliard, Salon Coach

'Tis the season for salon mayhem. We sat down with UK salon coach, Steve Hilliard to get his secrets for salon owners to maximise profits over the holiday season without burning out in the process.
Nov / 18 / 2019
James Hanlon
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