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Gift Cards

Whether print or online, gift cards are a great way to guarantee bookings after the holidays.

Upfront payments

Have your clients pay a deposit or for the full service upfront. They’re less likely to cancel or no-show if they’ve already made a financial commitment.

Shortcuts Automated, cloud-based email marketing system

Email Marketing

Be seen. Get in front of your clients with email marketing.

Priscilla Burciaga, Barber Lane - The Grit Behind the Glam

Priscilla Burciaga, Barber Lane

What's life like as a barber in the most expensive city in the world? We chat to Priscilla Burciaga from Barber Lane in San Francisco to find out.
Jan / 22 / 2020
James Hanlon
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Kobi Bokshish, Intershape

From the Israeli Army to a Bondi salon, hear how Kobi's journey has turned him into the stylist, salon owner and entrepreneur he is today.
Jan / 22 / 2020
James Hanlon
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25 things you may not believe happened 25 years ago

It's 25 years since Shortcuts was born but how much of 1994 do you remember?
Dec / 04 / 2019
Caitlin Adamson
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