1. We have hidden the word ‘ephemeral’¬†somewhere on the new Shortcuts website. You will need to find the page that contains the hidden word!
    2. Be the first to screenshot the page with the hidden word and upload the photo to Instagram.
    3. Follow @shortcutsnorthamerica and tag us in the photo using the hashtags #ShortcutsNorthAmerica and #ItSuitsYou.

We will announce the winner on Instagram. Good luck!

Terms and Conditions apply.

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Terms and conditions

This competition is open to United States and Canada residents 18 years and over who are current customers of Shortcuts Software North America. Previous or current employees of Shortcuts Software or the Jonas Group of companies as well as their immediate family members are ineligible to enter. Entrance into the competition warrants confirmation that the entrant meets these requirements. In order to be eligible, entrants must upload a screenshot of the correct page of the shortcuts website to Instagram, tag @shortcutsnorthamerica and use hashtags #ShortcutsNorthAmerica and #ItSuitsYou. The winner will be notified via Instagram. By entering the competition, entrants warrant that he or she has all necessary rights to provide the intellectual property to Shortcuts Software and consent to any act or omission which would otherwise constitute an infringement of their intellectual property. Shortcuts Software reserves the right to disqualify any entrants we reasonably suspect have engaged in unlawful or improper conduct or have otherwise breached the terms and conditions of the competition. Any information collected in the process of the competition will be handled in accordance with the Shortcuts Software privacy policy which complies with the Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act. The prize is subject to the conditions of usage set forth by VISA. Competition begins 2/23/2018 and ends 2/28/2018 if a winner has not been announced sooner.