Branded App

“Our salon, both clients and stylists, love having an app specifically for us. It’s just so easy for our clients to book and manage their appointments, and take advantage of specials. Everyone loves the extra connection with our salon.”

Cloud Appointment Book

“I love that I can access my appointment book from absolutely anywhere. Checking my staff’s schedule and my own has never been easier, and I can book in appointments whether I’m in the salon or out and about.”

Reserve with Google

“Reserve with Google is hands down my favorite feature! I recently had a new client come into the salon. When chatting and getting to know her I asked how she came to us and she said GOOGLE! I couldn’t believe a product could bring me a new loyal client and help grow my business.”

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Ways to Improve Salon Client Retention During Lockdown

We understand that the ongoing closure of salons due to COVID-19 has made things very difficult, to say the least. With so much time on your hands at the moment, it can be hard to know what you should be focusing on. Whilst your salon doors may be closed, this doesn’t mean you should just be putting your feet up. It’s important to stay in touch with your existing clients and get creative!
Feb / 10 / 2021
Hayley Tait
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Automated Marketing: Keeping the Conversation Rolling This Festive Season

Let’s face it, when you have a salon, spa or barber business to run you’re BUSY. With a capital B. You have a lot on your plate, juggling all the demands of your business, not to mention family, friends, and life in general. So wherever you can make your life easier, you’re going to be jumping on that opportunity, right? The simplest way to make your life easier is to (drum roll please…) automate. Seriously. Anything you can automate, just do it!
Dec / 02 / 2020
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Blog / How to use Shortcuts

NEW Message Enhancements!

Our development team has been tinkering away to come up with some enhancements to the software you’re already using, that will allow you to get the message to your customers quickly, efficiently and safely. Convenient, right? Let’s get into them.   Automated P…
Oct / 06 / 2020
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