Meet Sunny Woodall

After graduating from Cal State Fullerton, Sunny Woodall didn’t know she would soon find herself in a hair and beauty filled career. As her days in the industry grew, her vision became clear and her dreams a reality when this wife and mom opened Addiction Salon.

Addiction Salons are beautifully designed and located in Orange County, California. With simple concrete floors, gorgeous chandeliers and lighting, men and women come in and leave feeling beautiful. 

“I would have never thought that a software company would be such a huge part of our company. I would have thought that it’s something that people use at the front desk, but Shortcuts is so much more than that. Shortcuts literally makes our business go round.”

– Sunny Woodall, Owner and Founder, Addiction Salon

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“When we are behind the chair and we are being artistic, knowing that Shortcuts is there to hold down the business end of it, it is so invaluable to my company and my salon.”

“All of us check our schedules when we are away from the store, so me being the owner I can check every single stylists schedule– what time they come in, how many clients they have, and the duration of time in the chair. I can check that just from my phone. So If I get a text message from a client who needed to come in that day, I can easily book them from home and that’s honestly been the most valuable part of Shortcuts.”