Eikonic House of Barbers

When Martin and Jessica fell in love at the age of 17, Eikonic House of Barbers was just an idea, a dream. In 2010, their dream became a reality when they opened their doors in Brampton, Ontario. They’ve since added parents to their resume, and have developed a strong green thumb.

Shortcuts Success Story: Eikonic House of Barbers

Martin and Jessica have swept awards throughout North America, receiving much recognition for their savvy business practices. The key to their success has been their focus on using technology to appeal to their convenience-hungry male clientele, as well as their unique and complimentary skills that make them a powerhouse team in business and in life.

Eikonic Owners sitting together during interview

“We decided our shop would be a marriage between a traditional barbershop with some sense of fashion in there – here we have it!” 

– Jessica Hoach, Co-Owner, Eikonic House of Barbers

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“We are creative people, we like to see things and touch things. Shortcuts has given us all of the tools that we wanted to have — it’s the best investment you can make for your business.” 


“Having the ability to log in to the computer at the main store has given me the confidence that the shop was still in operation, and allowed me to find a balance between being a new mom and a business owner.”