How to use Shortcuts

Know your numbers and make more money

Do you shake in your boots when thinking about your business numbers? In this FREE webinar, we’ll chat about how you can learn to love and know your numbers and discuss everyone’s favourite topic: money! Read More

How to build a successful team

Your team is a huge part of your success, but what does it take to build your very own A-Team? This webinar will show you the ropes to building your very own successful team, with the help of Shortcuts.  Read More

Targeting the male market

Watch this session to learn about the modern male client, including how to get more of them into your salon or barbershop, and how to keep them happy. You’ll learn about: The unique characteristics of the modern male client Their biggest turn-offs and turn-ons How to speak their language. Read More

Getting better online reviews

Did you know 78% of internet users perform online research about you before booking their first appointment? Online reviews are a key aspect of your online reputation. Watch this video to learn simple strategies for generating more positive reviews online. Read More

Top tips on boosting loyalty

Building a healthy long-term relationship with your clients takes time, effort and the right tools! Tune in to this free webinar to learn our top tips for boosting client loyalty. You’ll learn: • Why your clients are cheating on you • Cost-effective ways to reward loyalty • How… Read More