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Upfront payments are coming soon to Shortcuts

You may have heard whispers and we’re happy to say the rumors are all true: upfront payments with Stripe are coming soon to Shortcuts! We’re super-excited to share this impressive new feature with you, and help you reduce those dreaded no-shows and secure your revenue. Read More

Gift Certificates and Gift Cards: Everything you need to know!

Does the difference between gift certificates and gift cards confuse you? Do you need a refresh on setting up and redeeming gift certificates and gift cards at the point of sale? In this FREE webinar, we will teach you everything you need to know about Gift Certificates and Gift Cards. Read More

Know your numbers and make more money

Do you shake in your boots when thinking about your business numbers? In this FREE webinar, we’ll chat about how you can learn to love and know your numbers and discuss everyone’s favorite topic: money! Read More

How to build a successful team

Your team is a huge part of your success, but what does it take to build your very own A-Team? This webinar will show you the ropes to building your very own successful team, with the help of Shortcuts.  Read More

Proven strategies for boosting retail sales

Are you stressed out about declining retail sales, or just sick of clients taking your advice on products, and then buying them online? The rise of eCommerce has changed the salon retail game. Watch this webinar to learn how to compete for the attention and loyalty of today’s tech-savvy clients,… Read More