The Changing Landscape of Customer Loyalty

EXPERIENCE + RELATIONSHIP + TECHNOLOGY In order to make sure we maintain our traditional or long-standing guest relationship, we must also develop new strategies for attracting today’s newer client and the client of the future. Millennials and Gen Z are a large percentage of today’s client and will be the… Read More

New Feature from Shortcuts: Targets

Don’t let your salon staff grow complacent! A bored employee is a liability. Employees are looking for growth, they want a challenge. Savvy managers know how to create smart goals for their team. Shortcuts makes it easy to design Targets around your business, and even individual team members with industry standard Key Performance Indicators. Read More

New Feature from Shortcuts: Online Gift Cards

There is a way to boost sales, get return business, generate leads, and build your brand, all without having to leave your salon. Gift Cards are the cornerstone of the industry, and now Shortcuts is ready to take them to the next level! Online Gift Cards are now available for your site. If you are ready to kickstart the season then this webinar is for you! Read More

Master Class: Shortcuts Marketing

Need help with your emails, but don't know where to start? Interested in using TXT marketing but don't know how? Join us and learn how to take advantage of Shortcuts Marketing! Read More

BONUS Online Class: Merging Clients in Shortcuts

Is your Shortcuts system running slow? Do client searches take forever? Are you battling with duplicate customers? Is there anything that can help? Of course! One of our most eagerly asked question this summer is having its own dedicated Online Class! Sign up right away. You will learn: •… Read More