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Live True London

Live True London is an independent full-service hairdresser, with 7 salons across London.

In 2012 they became Shortcuts clients after a need arose for an effective and easy to use software solution to successfully assist them in running their business.

The system is well labelled and user-friendly. Salon staff are trained on how to use the system allowing them to manage bookings through the appointment booking screen (per stylist); create and organize stylist rotas; send confirmation texts to clients to prevent cancellations and no-shows; check and monitor inventory levels; be reminded of and follow-up on required skin tests; add services, make changes to the price list and create promotions. The list goes on!

We are able to make informed business decisions with the customized reporting offered by Shortcuts. We are able to pull reports (summaries and detailed analysis) per salon. We look at bookings, rebookings, cancellations, and inventory and trading summaries to name a few. These reports provide us with a view on our business to make smart decisions and achieve our KPI’s and any benchmarks we have set, as well as run our business!

Marketing forms a vital part of our business in today’s climate. The Shortcuts marketing suite enables us to pull client data from our Shortcuts software and engage with our clients. We form closer relationships with Live True London clients by staying in contact with them through emails, text messages and other direct marketing methods. We deliver personalized emails and text messages, keeping our clients up to date with our latest promotions and offers and well as industry trends and news. We run one-off campaigns or set up campaigns and leave them running on a continual basis. The software allows us to target specific clients, based on their last visit, the stylist they last visited or an offer or promotion they participated in. The marketing suite has allowed us to drum-up increased business by sending bi-monthly newsletters, communicating discounts and promotions, and has helped us reactivate lost clients.

The integrated text messaging capability allows us to efficiently stay in touch with Live True London clients, notifying them of stylist changes, marketing promotions and booking confirmations. The ability to send appointment confirmations by text and having clients directly respond, has enabled us to significantly cut the number of ‘no-shows’ we receive – an industry wide issue.

The level of service and support received is great! Our account manager is on hand to assist us with any query, and every system issue or marketing question is fixed and answered timely by Shortcut’s 24/7 support team.

We’re a full service men’s and women’s hairdressers, with 7 salons across London.
Book your appointment! Whether it is a new look, a trim, a new Balayage or Ombre hair color service, or a men’s cut and finish, have our stylists work their magic on your hair!

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