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3 vital steps for a perfect client experience

Michelle Blake Mar / 01 / 2019
shortcuts software blog three vital steps for a perfect client experience

Understanding what your clients really want is essential to building your business’ success.

Your guests visit you because they want to look good, so they will be seeking your advice and expertise on hair style, colour and at-home maintenance. But how can you leave them feeling truly radiant, and make them want to recommend your business to everyone they know?

Here are three vital steps which will help you create the perfect guest experience.

1. Understand your client’s style

From their colour of their eyes, to their skin tone, to their face and body shape, each and every client is different. It’s your job to help them feel confident with their unique style. Talk them through each decision about their look, and help them understand how a particular style and colour will enhance their features and make them look their best.

It’s also important to understanding your clients’ lifestyle: how they live, and what the demands are on their time. All of this can help you suggest a style that doesn’t just look good, but is also practical and maintainable. This will make them feel more satisfied with their experience, and they will love you all the more for it.

2. Help your clients feel comfortable

Creating the perfect atmosphere is essential to a great in-salon experience. It’s important to build a space where clients feel comfortable looking – really looking – at themselves. If the lighting is bad or the mirrors are badly positioned, chances are they won’t like what they see.

Help them see their positive features and understand what they can change and enhance. Even the smallest of changes can have a huge impact on the way a client looks and feels about themselves.

Your goal here is to educate and inspire. Teach your clients how far they can go with their style and make recommendations to help them create the look they truly want. This holistic approach is not just practical – sometimes, it can be life-changing.

3. Improve your communication

Training your team to offer thoughtful and useful advice is key to building a great experience. Help them find the right language to use and offer advice on communication techniques, so they know which questions to ask and how to evaluate the answers.

Most importantly, you need to teach them how to listen, look and empathise – if you clients feel understood, they will become true advocates for your brand. Everything your team says and does reflects who you are and what you stand for – so getting it right is a must.

Michelle Blake
Michelle is well known in the hair industry as a presenter, trainer and consultant. Michelle works with L’Oréal Education Academy and travels the world presenting her knowledge to others. She began her career 30 years ago as a hairdresser and technician, and has worked hard to build a successful international training and consulting business. To find out more about Michelle’s revolutionary ‘Style Pod’ concept, visit her website.

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