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Introverts vs extroverts

caitlinshortcuts Jul / 20 / 2019
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What do you think of when you learn someone’s an introvert? You may think they’re shy, awkward, anti-social and don’t like to contribute? Eeek. What about when you hear someone’s an extrovert? Maybe you think they’re overbearing, easily bored, speak over the top of everyone else, and attention seekers? Ouch.

Like all stereotypes, these are pretty unfair perspectives. They’re extremes of two fundamental personality types, where in reality most people fall somewhere in between the two on the scale. So let’s clear up this myth and find out why you need both introverts and extroverts in your team, and how they can work in harmony in your salon, spa or barber business.

The myth debunked

A person’s level of introversion or extroversion has zero,  zip, zilch to do with how shy or outgoing they are. Mind blown, right! It actually boils down to whether they gain energy from being around other people, or gain energy from alone time.

Think about it this way – a few appointments into your day, do you feel jazzed or is your energy low? And we don’t just mean tired, because we know you all work your little socks off. If you’re an introvert, you’ll feel like you need time to yourself to recuperate before interacting with people again. Whereas an extrovert will feel differently – you’ll want to surround themselves with people and find it lifts your vibe.

Understanding common introvert or extrovert traits will help you empathize your team members, and perhaps understand their behaviors and motives. Just know that both are darn powerful for your business.

Understanding your silent achievers

Introverts are good listeners – which is a pretty valuable trait if they’re behind the chair all day! They take in everything their clients tell them, whether it is about a dreamy new style or their Aunt Julie’s train-wreck of a boyfriend. They pick up subtle hints, recall details and give your clients the chance to vent.

They also make wonderful leaders! They don’t want to command and boss others about – they want to listen to ideas, make calculated decisions, and support their team. Great management material, wouldn’t you agree?

Understanding your Energizer bunnies

Extroverts thrive in the hustle and bustle of busy salons and barber shops. Chatting to people is their bread and butter, and they’re always eager to win a few smiles from guests. They’re great at building relationships from the get go, so you’re sure to see a lot of returning clients. They’re also super eager to please and often go above and beyond your expectations to receive a bit of kudos.

Extroverts embrace activity and can handle high pressure situations. They also make great leaders thanks to their ability to inspire others, motivate and encourage teams. They find it easy to relate to others and can build great working relationships where they’re trusted and admired.

Running your introverted and extroverted team

Now we know what you’re thinking, when you have two polar opposites, surely they’ll clash? It’s true, sometimes they may not understand each other’s working style. Perhaps your token extrovert likes to bounce around the salon having a quick yet cheerful chat to clients, making everyone feel welcome, while your introvert would prefer to have that special one-on-one connection with their client. They could easily feel frustrated by the other’s approach.

But on the flip side, your team are professionals and this isn’t their first rodeo. While they may not always completely understand each other, they absolutely have the skills to be professional and embrace the diversity in the business. Remember, often your introverts and extroverts will bring different strengths to the table, meaning you could have a dynamic duo on your hands.


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