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It is time to change your passwords!

Christin Riggs Oct / 01 / 2018

It is officially fall! Crisper air, changing leaves and clocks rolling back are upon us! But when was the last time you changed your passwords? Yeah, it’s probably been a while, but here’s your friendly reminder!

There are many passwords associated with your Shortcuts system, computer(s), and other devices — it’s likely time for a change, especially if you’re using your original provided password. It is critical that you change your password(s) on a regular basis to avoid giving access to former employees and potential hackers.
Luckily we have a few suggestions that should make this process a quick one!

Strong passwords contain the following:
• At least 8-10 characters in length

At least one of each of the following:

• Upper case alpha
• Lower case alpha
• Numbers
• Special characters

We also highly suggest you do not use any part of your name, business or the system that may be easily identified. We hope this helps in an effort to keep your business safe!

Christin Riggs
Christin is a marketing expert driven by her passion for the hair and beauty industry. As a Marketing Manager, she is dedicated to strategies that will evolve businesses, and build strong brands. Through strategic thinking, Christin focuses on developing content that are both empowering and practical that deliver results.

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