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Retail Trends in the Industry

hannahshafer Jun / 23 / 2019

Retail sales have challenges affecting your salon both internally & externally. View the scenarios below and consider implementing some of these tips & tricks or create your own to combat your challenges with retail sales.


Higher Wages & Increasing Operational Costs
It costs more than 5 times the amount to acquire a new client than to re-engage an existing one. Repeat clients are likely to spend more and that amount is likely to increase over time. Improve client retention rates through loyalty programs, reaching out to customers who reach milestones, & improving customer service to provide more value.

Rapid changes in the technology landscape affecting consumer buying patterns
Consumers want to be able to buy products or book appointments at their convenience, make sure your Online presence matches your in-store experience.

Consumers today are more evolved and engaged than ever. They are reading labels & doing their research on how their products are being made before purchasing them.
According to Nielsen, 73% of Millennials are willing to spend more money on sustainable products. Consider the impact the products you are selling at your salon are having on the environment.


Staff assumption that the client is not going to buy the product, or they will buy it somewhere else.
Get your staff to suggest two products and ask their client which one they’d prefer.

Staff fear of being pushy and as a result losing out on higher tips.
Create a sample box of products in store and make it subscription based to entice clients to try new products & purchase the ones they enjoy most. You can even include a voucher for a 10% off their next full-size product if it’s something they received in their sample box!

Too many product lines & confusing mixed messaging.
Ensure your product lines are in-line with your brand messaging. Have stylists pick out their favorite products and highlight them on their stations for easy access to use with clients.


Your Google Business Listing is your virtual store front. It’s important to update all your information on an on-going basis so your customers, & future customers, know where to find you, when you are open, what services you provide, & now – the ability to book appointments! There are over 600 million searches for hair and beauty salons every month.

How are you working to turn those searches into customers?


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