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Shortcuts and the Cloud

Christin Riggs Sep / 05 / 2018

Shortcuts and the Cloud

At Shortcuts we know and understand that no two clients are the same. You all have different wants, needs, and requirements to make your business run successfully, and we appreciate the opportunity to help you do that!

Since launching our most recent feature, the Cloud Appointment Book, we have received some questions about the future of Shortcuts and the cloud, so we thought we would clear up a few things:

Shortcuts Fusion is an installed solution with integrated cloud functionality

We recognize that many salons prefer an on-premise solution, whether because of poor internet connection, personal preference, unforeseen communication outages, or the assurance of Shortcuts performing during extreme weather events. Therefore, Shortcuts will continue to offer our on-premise software solution, Shortcuts Fusion. Shortcuts Fusion is our flagship product, which provides you with a dependable, robust and powerful management tool to run your business. In addition, we now offer the accessibility and convenience via the cloud giving your team the functionality and freedom they need and want, when and where they want it.

Cloud Appointment Book provides online access to your appointments

We also recognize that other customers prefer a cloud only solution, allowing them to reduce hardware within the physical business and provide a more one-on-one engagement with their clients; whether that be in the salon or away from the business. Our many cloud features and Shortcuts Live product can satisfy your needs!

The new Cloud Appointment Book enhances your existing installed solution by providing accessibility to your bookings anywhere, anytime using the cloud. The added convenience of having a tablet at your workstation to rebook a client’s next service, access client history and add notes, that sync in real time with the computer on the reception desk, are all reasons to love Fusion: the marriage of our on-premise solution to our new Cloud Appointment Book!

We are your personalized all-in-one solution!

Moral of the story is we are proud to offer our clients a personalized solution providing the stability of an installed software, but with all perks of having integrated cloud based features.
Did you know that some of your favorite long standing Shortcuts features are also cloud based: Online Booking, Client Information Cards and the Mobile Guest App to name a few! We are excited to be able to continue to offer cloud based features to integrate with your current Shortcuts console. We know we are creating the best of both worlds for your salon, spa or barber business.

Because we recognize that some clients may prefer an on premise solution, some a cloud solution, and others a combination of both, we have worked endlessly to develop this finely tailored, hybrid product that proves to better suit the needs of your ever-changing business, and be your all-in-one software choice with access to your original technology option, blended with the sophistication of the latest in cloud technology that allows you to be in charge of the direction and success of your business. What could be better?

Interested in getting access to the Cloud Appointment Book? Find out more here, or contact our Customer Care team today!

Christin Riggs
Christin is a marketing expert driven by her passion for the hair and beauty industry. As a Marketing Manager, she is dedicated to strategies that will evolve businesses, and build strong brands. Through strategic thinking, Christin focuses on developing content that are both empowering and practical that deliver results.

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