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Talk Techy to Me: A technical guide to all things Shortcuts

Christin Riggs Sep / 06 / 2018

We know your time is valuable, and we want to help you as best we can as quick as we can. There are a few things we think you should know about the different departments at Shortcuts!


Are you having an issue with your Shortcuts system and require technical assistance? Give our 24/7 Helpdesk a call at 866-678-7324 and select option 1. For non-critical issues you can contact our support team here.

Customer Care

Interested in our newest features – Cloud Appointment Book and Upfront Payments? Need new hardware? Need to purchase training with the education team? Decided you need set and forget marketing after all? Our helpful Customer Care team is your go to! Call them today at 866-678-7324 and select option 2, or email them here.

*If you are an Enterprise customer, please contact your Account Executive.


If you aren’t a Shortcuts client yet, or are an existing client opening an additional site or referring a friend, our Sales team will be able to help! If you want information on pricing, click here, or call our Sales team today at 866-678-7324 and select option 2.

Learning center

Our Learning Center is a strong, powerful tool that can help in training yourself and new employees on your Shortcuts system. If you can’t remember how to do something in your Shortcuts console, give yourself a refresher by watching training videos in the Learning Center.


If you aren’t sure how to use your Shortcuts system, maybe it’s been a while since you went through training and the training videos just aren’t enough, or maybe your old salon manager left and they were trained on everything Shortcuts, it could be time to invest in some one on one training with our knowledgeable education team. Interested in purchasing additional training? Click here to reach our Customer Care team to get started today!


Do you have a billing question? Do you need to update your credit card
or bank information? We appreciate your attention to letting us know any updates
to this information so your payments to Shortcuts will be successful. Give them a
call at 866-678-7324 and select option 0.

We hope this clears up a few things, and look forward to helping you next time you need us!

Christin Riggs
Christin is a marketing expert driven by her passion for the hair and beauty industry. As a Marketing Manager, she is dedicated to strategies that will evolve businesses, and build strong brands. Through strategic thinking, Christin focuses on developing content that are both empowering and practical that deliver results.

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