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The top five emails you should be sending today

Madeline Maguire Aug / 04 / 2019

One-off promotions can be a great way to get quick wins, but it’s the ongoing campaigns you send year-round that have the biggest impact on your business and client relationships.

When they are well-executed, automated email campaigns can improve client loyalty and increase your revenue. The real beauty of these campaigns is that they are triggered by events in your system, such as the date of a client’s last visit or their birthday, so once you’ve set them up, they will be delivered to the right people at the right time year-round.

Staying in constant touch can help you build stronger relationships, and will keep you connected with your clients without having to do a thing. So, what are the five most important email campaigns you should be sending right now?


After a new client comes to see you, send them an email to thank them for visiting your business. A personalised welcome including their first name will make them feel valued from theget-go, and will make them more likely to return for a second visit.

How was your service?

Successful businesses are in tune with their customer satisfaction levels at all times. As many clients aren’t comfortable giving honest feedback in-person, sending out an email or SMS survey following their appointment is the most effective way to find out what they really think. This makes clients feel like you really care, and gives you the opportunity to address any issues as they happen.

Happy birthday

Your clients want to feel like you know them inside out, and receiving a happy birthday message from you on their special day is a great way to make them feel that connection. You can also give them a special gift, such as a treatment or discount on their favourite service, which they can redeem next time they are in the salon.

We miss you

Clients today are so busy they can find it hard to find time to call you and book their next appointment. This makes it more important than ever to invite them back and keep your business at the forefront of your clients’ minds. Including an eye-catching link to your online booking page will help get them back in the chair faster.

Thank you!

Perhaps the most important campaign of all is thanking your clients who go out of their way to refer you to their family and friends. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for growing your business, so acknowledging and rewarding your top promoters on a regular basis goes a long way.

What have been your most successful email campaigns? Share your story in the comments section.

Madeline Maguire
Madeline is a seasoned beauty marketing specialist, having worked with a wide range of consumer and trade brands throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Working in a global role at Shortcuts, Madeline executes marketing strategies throughout the USA and Australian markets.

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