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Getting Started with Shortcuts

Just completed your order form and not sure what to do next? Check out the Getting Started with Shortcuts guide to walk you through what you can expect over the next few weeks until opening and even after that!

What Do I Get?

By the time you get done with all the paperwork do you even remember everything that was included? Click below to learn more about all the features and benefits included in Shortcuts
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Who Do I Contact?

Need help but not sure who to contact? Click below to find out who can help you find the answer to all of your questions!

Training and Education

Shortcuts maximizes its training for Sharkey's sites to get the most out of Shortcuts by providing you with small manageable chunks of information in a logical sequence. Each stage of training is designed to build upon the learning objectives achieved in the previous stage.


Important Information about Hardware purchased through Shortcuts, equipment warranty, and what's include din the Sharkey's Hardware Package

Credit Card Integration: Terminal and Merchant Services

Learn more here about all things credit card integration, setting up your merchant account with a merchant processor, and getting everything connected.