Stripe Pay

Limit Contact with Customers

We know the health and safety of your clients and staff is your number one priority and we want to help! Upfront payments will limit the amount of contact between stylists and customers. It is easy to set up and we have all the tools you need!

Avoid no shows

Did you know, the average US salon loses $53,987  in revenue from no-shows and cancellations each year? Would you willingly kiss goodbye to so much cash, knowing there was something you could do about it?

Taking upfront payments is the perfect way to make sure your guests show up for their appointment, increasing revenue and ensuring your team is always working efficiently.

Make booking simple

Your guests are going to love this feature as much as you do! You can ask them to pay upfront in your app, on your website, and even when they book via Facebook and Instagram.

The first time your guests enter their credit card details they will be stored securely in Stripe for future bookings, so they won’t need to reach for their wallet each time they book.

Work it your way

Upfront payments is super-flexible, so you can adapt it to work the way that is going to reap the rewards for your business.

You decide whether guests need to pay a deposit or the full amount upfront, whether or not to charge them if they don’t show up on the day of their appointment, and more.

Take upfront payments on your website
Take upfront payments in your app and on social
Increase your annual revenue
Cut back no-shows to almost zero
Upsell products and services more effectively

Sounds awesome!

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Freebie alert!

Upfront payments has the power to improve your profitability and streamline the way you work. Download this freebie to discover five ways upfront payments will transform your business.