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Latest Shortcuts Fusion improvements

Erin Lewis Jun / 05 / 2017

Check out the latest changes to Shortcuts Fusion!

These changes affect your Shortcuts Fusion system, including your cloud-based features.

These updates will take effect when you use Shortcuts Updates to upgrade to the latest version of Shortcuts Fusion.

Version no: 8.0.24

What’s new

Email receipts

  • You can now automatically send clients an email with their receipt attached, rather than printing it.
  • When you end a sale, you will be able to choose whether to print the receipt, email the receipt, or both.
  • This is the perfect way to save paper waste and ensure clients can’t lose their receipt.
  • It also enables you to capture more accurate data for your email marketing campaigns, as you will need to regularly ask clients for their email address. Want to learn more? Watch this video.

Email ordering

  • We have improved the email ordering process so that you can quickly and easily send orders from your Shortcuts system.
  • Simply select the products and quantities you would like to order, confirm the order, and an email will be automatically sent to the supplier.
  • You will no longer need to open Outlook or another email app to send the order.

Walk-in Manager

  • You can now view, create, edit and delete notes for visits in Walk-in Manager.  A note icon will appear on the visit in the Walk-in Manager when a note is present.
  • You can now easily spot the difference between appointments that have been made via the Appointment Book, and walk-in appointments. Appointments in the Walk-in Manager will have an appointment icon displayed.
  • You can now see which appointments are marked as arrived in the Walk-in Manager, as they will have an appointment icon with a green tick displayed. You can also mark appointments as arrived within the Walk-in Manager.
  • The “Total wait time” for appointments in the Walk-in Manager will not start counting until the appointment has been marked as arrived.

Appointment Book

  • We have enahnced the appointment booking history to now show the origin of the booking (e.g. Online Booking).
  • Zero duration service blocks will no longer be displayed in the Appointment Book, future appointment schedule or the touch tip.
  • The clash colour to indicate employee incapability will now appear correctly on the Appointment Book and in week view.

Point of Sale

  • If you are in Germany or France, and you reprint or re-send a receipt, it will contain the same details as the original receipt.
  • You can now modify the payment type and employee for a transaction in a closed End of Day sessions. The original transaction will be reversed and a new amendment transaction will be added for the date of the change.
  • The sale process now records whether the “Give tips directly from register” setting is ticked at the time of a sale.  This ensures that the correct tip amount will be shown in the End of Day Wizard, on the Transactions screen, as well as in the Session Till Balance and End of Day Till Balance reports.

Credit Card Integration (US only)

  • Credit card transaction receipts printed using Whizpay will display the currency code set by the currency number in the payment processor setup (i.e. USD/CAD).

Integration Service

  • The Integration Service now imports product and service discounts as promotions.
  • We have improved the Integration Service to capture information about the cause of import failure.
  • Products can now be imporetd smoothly.

Start of Day

  • If you are using external time sheet integration, you can now run the Start of Day process without seeing an error message.

Global Clients

  • The global client search feature has been enhanced to give more specific results.  A minimum of two characters and four digits will be required to perform a search.


  • We have improved the overall performance of Shortcuts Fusion.
  • We have improved the issue-diagnosing process to make it easier for the Shortcuts team to resolve issues.
  • The performance of the Communication Server has been enhanced.

Resolved issues

Point of Sale

  • Service prices will now display correctly at the Point of Sale and will not revert back to their original price when the appointment is moved or resized on the Appointment Book.
  • You can now enter a cash-out amount correctly for group sales, without the cash amount being multiplied by the number of people in the group.
  • Client account details and birthday information will now display on the Point of Sale screen regardless of the screen resolution.
  • The correct redemption value will now be displayed for group visits when performing a gift certificate redemption.
  • Gift Certificate redemption values will no longer be discounted when a promotion is applied to an entire sale.
  • Gift Certificate redemption values will now continue to display correctly if you select the same visit from the client selection drop-down list.
  • If you are in France, you can now refund 10+ products in one transaction.
  • If you are in Belgium, the delete button will now be available in the transaction list.

Credit Card Integration (US only)

  • The Point of Sale now notifies the card terminal of successfully completed transactions. Failed card transactions will no longer cancel any previously successful card transactions.
  • The sale recovery process has been improved so that card details are recovered if a crash occurs during a Gift Card activation or adjustment.
  • The sales recovery process has been improved so that multiple card payments can be successfully recovered after a sale is interrupted.
  • Receipts for credit card transactions will now be printed with the correct verification message (i.e. PIN Verified/Signature Verified).
  • The End of Day Pay screen now displays a more suitable message when voiding/cancelling a payment.
  • Cancelling out of the credit card window for an offline payment now correctly marks the payment as declined (with a correct status message).
  • The cash display of the card terminal no longer displays when the ‘cash display duration’ has been set to 0.
  • Refunds now work correctly with VX810 and VX820 credit card devices.

Appointment Book

  • We have resolved an issue where ‘clashing’ tasks (e.g. tasks overlapping an appointment) were causing timeslots to remain unbookable even after the task had been moved. Appointment timeslots will now behave normally once you have moved a ‘clashing’ task into an available timeslot.
  • The Appointment Book calendar is now aligned correctly regardless of which day of the week the month begins with.
  • Recurring appointments are now displayed in the correct green colour on the Appointment Book.
  • Week view now loads faster when you are navigating between different days.
  • You can now move appointments using week view in a multi-terminal environment without error.
  • We have improved the appointment locking system for multi-terminal environments. Appointments in the selected appointment menu are now locked to prevent other users from modifying them.
  • General stability of the Appointment Book has been improved.
  • We have resolved the following issues with the employee filter on the Appointment Book:
    • Filter options are aligned correctly when viewed in high-resolution.
    • Filtering by ‘needs review’ and ‘membership warnings’ is now easier and requires less clicks.
    • Stability has been improved to stop crashes from occurring when using the employee filter.
    • All employee filters that you have created will now be displayed in the list even if you have more than 20 filters

SMS Confirmations

  • Automatic SMS confirmations will now be successfully sent to clients with valid mobile numbers, even if some clients in the list have invalid mobile numbers. Clients with invalid mobile numbers will simply be skipped.

Walk-in Manager

  • The ‘total wait time’ will now reflect how long the client has been waiting, regardless of whether their estimated wait time is displayed.

Client Management

  • The client merge feature now displays the correct results when you perform a search for duplicate clients.
  • The client merge feature will now prompt you to select a ‘master’ client and a ‘merge’ client when you are performing a client merge. This ensures that the correct ‘master’ client record is kept in the system, and the duplicate client record is removed.
  • The client dashboard in the client list now correctly shows whether a client’s account is in credit or debit.

Client History

  • You can now use the ‘display history from other sites’ option even if the site name is over 30 characters long.
  • Performance has been improved so that historical data (e.g. client history and history totals) can be displayed faster.


  • Updated buy and sell prices for products will now sync from all versions of Shortcuts Fusion to Enterprise Manager.


  • General stability of the promotions feature has been improved.
  • If you have a promotion set up to track a client’s purchases over time, and the eligibility or benefit is set to all products/all services/all sundries, purchases will now be tracked correctly over time. This means the client will receive the appropriate discount as per the promotion setup.


  • The “Non-Returning Client from date range” report has a new miscellaneous option called ‘business’. If you set the ‘business’ option to ‘yes’, then the report will show clients who visited but have not returned back to the business. If you set the ‘business’ option to ‘no’, then the report will show clients who visited an employee but have not returned back to the same employee.
  • An issue with surcharge calculation in the Trading Summary report has been resolved. Surcharge calculation is now rounded to 2 decimal places in the Trading Summary so that figures are consistent throughout Shortcuts.
  • The Trading Summary report now shows the correct currency value as per the local machine currency.
  • You can now open the Security report in the French-Canadian version of Shortcuts.


  • Shortcuts will no longer crash if multiple copies of Shortcuts are running on the same machine (e.g. RDP servers).
  • If you are using Shortcuts across multiple terminals, a crash will no longer occur when changes are made to employee availability (e.g. employee roster/schedule changes).
  • The ‘upgrade is in progress’ pop-up message will now disappear after the upgrade has been successfully installed.
  • Text in the main menu is now shown correctly on high-resolution displays.
  • Scroll-bars has been improved throughout Shortcuts to ensure they are a usable size.
  • General stability of Shortcuts Fusion has been improved on high-resolution displays.

Integration Service

  • We have improved the Integration Service so that it can recover from an error encountered when importing payment transactions.
  • The Integration Service can now export multiple expense and professional stock transactions at a time.
  • When you create a product category/sub-category via the Integration Service, the names will be correctly displayed in Shortcuts.


  • If you are in Germany, the Loyalty card activation window will now open at the Point of Sale to allow auto-generation of Loyalty card numbers.

Self Check-in

  • Guests are now able to create a visit using Self Check-in.
  • Self Check-in now ensures that only capable employees are considered when a guest selects the ‘next available’ employee.

Online Booking

  • Guests can now book appointments for services with any duration using Online Booking, Mobile Access and Self Check-in.

Upfront Payments

  • You can now change the service(s) for an upfront payment booking, and the payment amountwill remain attached to the appointment. If the upfront payment value is higher than the service price, the appropriate change will be given to the client at the Point of Sale.

Erin Lewis
Erin Lewis is a creative thinker with a passion for the artistic side of hair and beauty. As an Assistant Product Manager, she knows the software inside and out, and loves to show off Shortcuts’ latest features. Erin also creates educational videos and user guides to help salons, spas and clinics get the most out of their software.