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Latest Shortcuts Fusion improvements

Erin Lewis Nov / 13 / 2017

Check out the latest improvements to Shortcuts Fusion!

These changes affect your Shortcuts Fusion system, as well as your cloud-based features.

These updates will take effect when you use Shortcuts Updates to upgrade to the latest version.

Version no: 8.0.26

What’s new


  • The Shortcuts startup splash image has been updated. It is now the Shortcuts logo on a white background.
  • Fusion has been enhanced to include the serial number for the site in the ‘about’ screen (this screen is accessed by double-clicking on the Shortcuts logo in the top right corner).
  • For French locales, the NF-525 certificate number and logo have been added to the ‘about’ screen.


  • Fusion has been enhanced to mandate the security level and PIN configuration for new employees. Also, while saving an active employee, if the security level is unassigned, the operator will be warned about it.
  • For French locales, if the logged in employee has security access to change employee details, the PIN button will be enabled even if they don’t have access to change employee PINs.

Walk-in Manager

  • If an alert is added to a client card, the alert icon (exclamation mark) will be visible in both the ‘waiting’ and ‘in service’ area of Walk-in Manager.

Point of Sale

  • The ‘balance inquiry’ window in the Point of Sale screen now displays the expiry date for gift cards.

Resolved issues


  • All of the appropriate fields in Fusion will now sync to Online Services when updated.
  • The backup restore utility in French Canada & Dutch Belgium locales now works correctly.
  • Shortcuts Fusion can now export documents to PDF on Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • French language is now available on the Compliance Archive Tool.
  • For French locales, changes to employee security levels are now logged in the NF-525 tables.
  • A crash will no longer occur if a user ignores the ‘you have been automatically clocked on’ message during the logon process by clicking away from the error.
  • When handling bookings with a zero duration service block, Fusion will now check the service block duration for the relevant employee level and respond appropriately. If the main service block has a duration of zero for the targeted employee level, the service will not be booked.
  • Shortcuts Gift Card Provider now installs successfully on terminals.
  • For those who use the ‘time allocation’ feature to reserve time for walk-in clients, this feature now considers Online Booking as well as mylocalsalon. Clients will not be able to book appointments during time slots that are reserved for walk-ins.

Point of Sale

  • Group sales can now be processed smoothly in a multi-terminal environment. If multiple terminals are attempting to process the sale at the same time, a message will be displayed to alert the operator.
  • Group sales can now be successfully recovered after an interruption has occurred.
  • You can now add a service that has an assigned resource to the Point of Sale without selecting a resource.
  • If you are using custom receipts, an error message will no longer be displayed when you print a receipt.
  • For clinics, the first receipt printed for the day will now print correctly.
  • Translation issues have been resolved to ensure that Shortcuts Fusion will no longer crash when transferring money in and out.
  • For French locales, payments to account are no longer recorded in the NF-525 tables as tickets, only purchases on account.
  • For French locales, voided transactions containing a discount will no longer cause errors when generating the compliance archive file.
  • For French locales, NF-525 electronic signatures for tickets and periods are now using the total inc tax amount instead of the tax amount.

Appointment Book

  • Shortcuts Fusion has been modified so that it will now display the clash colour for a clashing appointment on all terminals in a multi-terminal environment.


  • The Value of Future Appointments report will now consider the price of service blocks with zero duration.
  • The Upfront Payments report will now consider the price of service blocks with zero duration.]
  • The Upfront Payments report has been modified to display appointments created against an employee who has an employee level assigned but no level pricing configured for the service.
  • The Tag Usage report has been fixed so it will no longer show double-ups of the same clients.
  • An issue with the Stocktake/Inventory Count report has been resolved so that data will be displayed even when a stocktake is finished without inputting an actual product count.

Walk-in Manager

  • The Walk-in Manager can now handle group visits more efficiently.
  • A crash will no longer occur when modifying a visit which has already been removed from the Walk-in Manager. Instead, an error message will be displayed to inform the operator of the issue.


  • Employee details will now be updated more efficiently in Fusion after being updated in Enterprise.

Client History

  • The performance of the Client History screen has been improved to prevent crashes.


  • An issue with ordering has been resolved. Double clicking on a supplier will no longer lead to all products from that supplier being added to the order.

Email Receipts

  • The A4 email receipt has been updated to display the appropriate regional currency symbol against the discount, VAT & amount columns.

Global Clients

  • Shortcuts Fusion has been modified so that it will now display the correct discounted value for imported global clients.

Self Check-in

  • Self Check-in bookings can now be made successfully when ‘next available employee’ is selected.

Erin Lewis
Erin Lewis is a creative thinker with a passion for the artistic side of hair and beauty. As an Assistant Product Manager, she knows the software inside and out, and loves to show off Shortcuts’ latest features. Erin also creates educational videos and user guides to help salons, spas and clinics get the most out of their software.