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Latest Shortcuts Fusion improvements

Erin Lewis Apr / 23 / 2018

Check out the latest updates to Shortcuts Fusion!

These changes affect your cloud-based features only (also known as the S.M.A.R.T. System).

What’s new

Mobile Guest App

  • Booking confirmation emails for the Mobile Guest App now come with an iCalendar (.ics) file attachment containing booking information.

Ratings and Reviews

  • If you have removed 3 reviews within 6 months, you can now see when you will be able to remove another review.


  • Several new supplier brand logos are now available in mylocalsalon for you to display on your listing.


  • The Shortcuts upgrade process has been improved to make upgrading your software smoother than ever before. Shortcuts updates will now be rolled out incrementally, ensuring higher quality releases and allowing for more improvements to be made before you receive the latest version of Shortcuts.
  • In the Console under BookME settings, a new setting called ‘Show employee levels’ has been introduced. This setting allows you to choose whether you wish to display employee levels in Online Booking and the Mobile Guest App.
  • The Console timeout has been increased to 24 hours.

Online Client Information Cards

  • The PIN timeout has been increased to 30 minutes.
  • The button names within the Client Search screen have been updated:
    •  ‘Client history’ has changed to ‘History & Notes’
    •  ‘Client entry’ has changed to ‘Client Mode’
    •  ‘Edit client’ has changed to ‘Employee Mode’


  • We have made improvements to our APIs to eliminate duplicate client records by recording the client’s unique identification in our system.
  • Adding a new client record via our APIs is now faster.

Resolved issues


  • Changing a payment type in Shortcuts Fusion will no longer cause an issue with Online Services.
  • The log-in process of the Console has been improved, so that it will not time-out when a company manager with access to many sites is logging in.

Set and Forget Marketing

  • To prevent sync errors, updated Set and Forget Marketing credentials will now be stored in Online Services only.  Set and Forget credentials will not sync from Online Services to Fusion.

Online Booking

  • The load time of the Online Booking webpage has been improved.
  • Online Booking confirmation emails are now being delivered to customers after a successful booking.
  • For Dutch Online Booking users, the password reset email now contains the reset link.
  • Some images and icons that were previously not being displayed on Online Booking sites are now displayed correctly.
  • When configured to do so, the Online Booking application will now display individual employees for selection during the booking process.
  • Online Booking has been corrected to inform the user with a proper message when the timeslot they attempt to book is taken.
  • Users will no longer get an error message when they attempt to login with Facebook.

Self Check-in

  • Self Check-in will now display the relevant site name if the site name is been configured to be displayed.
  • When searching for a client via phone number, the correct results will now be displayed even if the phone number contains dashes.

mylocalsalon – US ONLY

  • When uploading a mylocalsalon gallery image that is invalid or corrupt, an error message will now be displayed to indicate that there is an issue with the image.
  • You can now book an appointment successfully through mylocalsalon.
  • Business hours will now be displayed correctly.
  • The longitude and latitude settings will now sync from the Console to mylocalsaon as expected.
  • Mylocalsalon is now publishing your ratings & reviews again.

Mobile Guest App

  • The GPS function has been improved in iOS 10+.
  • An issue with the ‘earliest booking allowed’ setting (configured within BookME settings) has now been resolved. This means that the appropriate options will be presented to the user when they are selecting an appointment time in the Mobile Guest App.
  • The Mobile Guest App has now been translated correctly for French and Spanish locales.
  • The following Mobile Guest App emails have now been translated correctly for non-English languages: Password Reset email, Booking Confirmation email, and Registration Code email.
  • Users can now reset their password in the app without receiving an error message.

Ratings and Reviews

  • The Ratings and Reviews functionality has been corrected so that you can now share your reviews on Facebook.
  • All of your available Facebook pages will appear in alphabetical order when sharing a review.
  • For French locales, translations have been updated in various areas of Ratings and Reviews.
  • The customer’s review text will now be included in the post when you share a review on Facebook.
  • Broken image links have been repaired for Ratings and Reviews.
  • Clicking a button several times within Rating and Reviews will no longer result in an HTML error appearing.
  • The Spotlight tile within the Console will now work correctly for company managers who have access to a large number of sites.


  • When manually adding Loyalty points via the programs console, the points added will now expire based on the set Points Expiry date as expected.

Customized Online Forms

  • Users can no longer refresh the page when filling out a form. This will prevent data from being lost due to accidentally refreshing the page.
  • The message stating “This form has been accepted” will no longer appear when you cancel out of an unfinished form.
  • Missing translations have been added for French locales.

Online Client Information Cards

  • For Online Client Information Cards, the performance of the following functions has been improved to enable faster load times:
    • The sign-in process
    • The ‘add client’ process
    • The client search process.
  • Fusion client records that have not yet synced to Online Services will no longer cause Online Client Information Cards to error and instead will display the message “This client is not available for online modification.”
  • Visit notes entered through Online Client Information cards are now included when you print an employee’s appointment schedule.
  • North American users will no longer get an error message due to a phone number previously being entered in the incorrect format.
  • Phone numbers will now be saved as the correct type (i.e. Mobile, Home phone) for North American users.
  • The user will now be able to sign properly within the signature field using Chrome on an Android tablet.

Erin Lewis
Erin Lewis is a creative thinker with a passion for the artistic side of hair and beauty. As an Assistant Product Manager, she knows the software inside and out, and loves to show off Shortcuts’ latest features. Erin also creates educational videos and user guides to help salons, spas and clinics get the most out of their software.