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Latest Shortcuts Fusion improvements

Erin Lewis Nov / 09 / 2017

Check out the latest changes to Shortcuts Fusion!

These changes affect your Shortcuts Fusion system, including your cloud-based features.

These updates will take effect when you use Shortcuts Updates to upgrade to the latest version of Shortcuts Fusion.

Version no: 8.0.25

What’s new

Gift receipts

  • You can now print gift receipts through the client history screen and the transaction list. Gift receipts are useful when a client is purchasing a gift for someone, and they want to give the person the option to exchange the gift without them seeing the price. Gift receipts only contain basic information such as the transaction date, transaction number, the product or service details, and the name of the client. They do not show any pricing, discounts, tips, customer contact details or club details. Want to learn more? Watch this video.2017 07 Gift Receipt Right Click Menu


  • In Enterprise controlled Fusion (if you have the ‘create products’ permission enabled), you can now add and edit products for non-restricted suppliers via the products screen. If the product you are adding already exists in the Enterprise database, the product details will be auto-filled for you. Otherwise, you will be able to enter the details yourself. The changes you make will be reflected immediately in Enterprise.
  • In Enterprise controlled Fusion (if you have the ‘create products’ permission enabled), you can now add new suppliers via the products screen. The changes you make will be reflected immediately in Enterprise.


  • Shortcuts is now compliant with the French NF-525 certification.


  • You can now remove a client from a loyalty program through their client card in Shortcuts Fusion. Upon cancellation of the loyalty card, points and rewards will be set to zero. This feature also requires at least version 7.14 of Shortcuts Online Services.
    2017 07 Cancel Loyalty In Fusion
  • If a client has more than one active loyalty card within the same program and you choose to cancel one of the cards, you will be given the option to merge the loyalty points and rewards onto the active card. Want to learn more? Watch this video. This feature also requires at least version 7.14 of Shortcuts Online Services.

Resolved issues

Point of Sale

  • The “disallow cash out from credit/EFT card” setting in the Point of Sale configuration screen now works correctly for split payments. When enabled, this setting will prevent the operator from performing cash outs for credit or debit cards.
  • A correction has been made to the process of amending a transaction. You can no longer alter the amount taken, only the payment type breakdown can be changed.

Credit Card Integration (US only)

  • When using credit card integration, payment details are now successfully saved so that they are correct when a sale is recovered and modified.
  • The stability of credit card integration has been improved.

Appointment Book

  • Crashes no longer occur due to appointments being moved and added.
  • Appointment clash statuses are now being displayed correctly in all terminals (in a multi-terminal environment).
  • When deleting a recurring task, you will now receive a prompt asking whether you wish to delete all tasks or just the selected task.


  • The optional setting within contraindications now behaves as expected.  On creating a new appointment, a symbol for contraindication will be shown on the appointment and the contraindication option will also be shown in the context menu that opens up on right clicking the appointment. Although, due to the optional setting, users will not receive the automatic contraindication prompt.


  • A default setting has changed for the Non Returning Clients From Date Range report. The ‘show clients returning to’ setting is now set to ‘business’ by default.

Start of Day / End of Day

  • The start of day process has been updated to show the correct balance status for start of day sessions.
  • If there are outstanding cash movements pending for an end of day session, you will no longer be able to proceed with the start of day process until those cash movements are finalised.
  • The end of day process will now include any transactions (or changes to transactions) made during the end of day process on the current terminal.

Client History

  • In French and Spanish versions of Shortcuts visit notes are now displayed correctly.
  • The time on a client history note is now correctly synced for global clients.

Walk-In Manager

  • The visit status in the Walk-in Manager will now be updated correctly when an appointment is marked as a no-show.


  • The stability of the roster screen has been improved.


  • The stability of the start-up process has been improved so that Fusion will open quickly and without crashing even in busy multi-terminal environments.
  • If you log into a Windows user account with limited access rights (non-administrator), you will now be able to run Shortcuts Fusion on a Windows 8 or 10 computer.
  • The data agent has been improved to prevent error messages and to enable faster syncing.

Set and Forget Marketing

  • The Shortcuts Online Marketing application will now continue to run visibly (not just in the background) after an Online Patcher upgrade has been completed.

Erin Lewis
Erin Lewis is a creative thinker with a passion for the artistic side of hair and beauty. As an Assistant Product Manager, she knows the software inside and out, and loves to show off Shortcuts’ latest features. Erin also creates educational videos and user guides to help salons, spas and clinics get the most out of their software.