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Latest Shortcuts Live improvements

Erin Lewis Apr / 23 / 2018

Check out the latest updates to Shortcuts Live!

These changes affect your Shortcuts Live system, including your cloud-based features (also known as the S.M.A.R.T. System)!

What’s new

Appointment Book

  • The Appointment Book filter has been improved. You can now view a full list of saved filters, search for a saved filter, and edit a saved filter.
  • The ‘next year’ and ‘last year’ buttons have been removed from the date selection calendar, as well as the ‘clear’ button.
  • The ability to print a customer ticket upon arrival is now available. You will be given the option to print an arrival ticket after the ‘arrive’ button is selected for an appointment. You can switch this feature on or off in the appointment book setup screen.


  • For new Shortcuts Live sites, default roles Site Manager and Employee are now available. These roles cannot be edited but can be deactivated if the site does not wish to use them.


  • You can now allocate roles and create logins via the employee setup screen using the new ‘role & login’ button at the bottom of the screen (given that you have the appropriate permission). Upon creation of their new login, their credentials will be automatically emailed to them. You can also manually trigger this email by pressing the ’email credentials’ button at the bottom of the screen at any time.


  • A new permission, “I can assign roles and logins” has been added to Shortcuts Live.
  • You can now configure which roles are permitted to manage tasks on the Appointment Book.
  • You can now configure which roles are permitted to view and update visit notes.


  • Community API users are now able to access the booking-on-behalf-of feature within the Shortcuts Live API. This feature allows your customers to make a booking on behalf of someone else (e.g. their child).


  • The Shortcuts upgrade process has been improved to make upgrading your software smoother than ever before. Shortcuts updates will now be rolled out incrementally, ensuring higher quality releases and allowing for more improvements to be made before you receive the latest version of Shortcuts.
  • Images for employees as well as customers will now appear in a rounded frame instead of a square frame.
  • Shortcuts Live users will now receive an email notification when their username is updated (for English, French and Spanish speaking regions).

Mobile Guest App

  • Booking confirmation emails for the Mobile Guest App now come with an iCalendar (.ics) file attachment containing booking information.

Resolved issues

Point of Sale

  • The customer history screen will now be displayed correctly, without flickering.
  • The performance of the checkout process has been improved.
  • Refund and Discount notifications will now be displayed in multi-terminal environments.

Appointment Book

  • The appointment touch tip will now show the client’s requested employee for bookings made through the Mobile Guest App.
  • An error will no longer occur if, while creating an appointment, you remove the service that was first selected for the appointment.
  • Appointments can no longer be made against a day where there is a schedule in place but the ‘open for business’ setting is set to no.
  • You can now change a future appointment’s status from the touch-tip for clients who booked appointments with multi-block services or more than one service for the same day via Online Booking.
  • When an appointment is set to ‘No Show’ and the appointment is moved to a different time or employee, the “An appointment has been cancelled” error message will no longer appear.
  • The ’employee requested’ checkbox will now remain ticked when the original booking had the employee marked as ‘requested’ and another service is added via the appointment book sidebar.
  • When creating an appointment in the past using the time bar on the left of the Appointment Book, this will now respect the permission ‘I can create appointments in the past’.
  • The appointment touch-tip and employee KPI bubble will now display correctly in Firefox.
  • Clicking twice in the same appointment slot will no longer result in multiple appointments being created in the same spot.
  • Changes to the customer name from appointment book sidebar will now be reflected at the top of customer tab.
  • When the appointment book is printed via the print button, the employee order will now match the appointment book order (based on the employee filtering setting).
  • The appointment book filter bar has been corrected to render with the appointment book. The filter bar will no longer lag.
  • Live will now load the employee images on the employee selection list that opens up while booking an appointment.
  • An issue has been resolved for Internet Explorer and Firefox users. Shortcuts Live will no longer freeze when using week view if an appointment is selected.

Client Import

  • The client import feature has been improved and will now attempt to self-correct when an error occurs.

Customer History

  • Alert messages entered via the appointment book sidebar will now be displayed in the customer history screen.

Appointment Reminders

  • The appointment time will now be displayed correctly for SMS and email reminders when the appointment is set to the ‘awaiting review’ status.
  • When a change is made to a customer’s appointment reminder preferences, this will now be updated at all sites within the company.
  • Responses to SMS and Email appointment reminders will no longer be ignored if they are received on the day of the appointment.
  • In the contact log screen, the appointment time will now be displayed correctly when showing an appointment reminder that has failed to send.


  • Users will not be able to book appointments in a non-bookable shift when the permission ‘I can create a booking in a non-bookable shift’ is set to no.

Online Booking

  • The load time of the Online Booking webpage has been improved.
  • Online Booking confirmation emails are now being delivered to customers after a successful booking.
  • For Dutch Online Booking users, the password reset email now contains the reset link.
  • Some images and icons that were previously not being displayed on Online Booking sites are now displayed correctly.
  • When configured to do so, the Online Booking application will now display individual employees for selection during the booking process.
  • Online Booking has been corrected to inform the user with a proper message when the timeslot they attempt to book is taken.
  • Users will no longer get an error message when they attempt to login with Facebook.

Mobile Guest App

  • An issue with the ‘earliest booking allowed’ setting (configured within BookME settings) has now been resolved. This means that the appropriate options will be presented to the user when they are selecting an appointment time in the Mobile Guest App.
  • The Mobile Guest App has now been translated correctly for French and Spanish locales.
  • The following Mobile Guest App emails have now been translated correctly for non-English languages: Password Reset email, Booking Confirmation email, and Registration Code email.
  • Users can now reset their password in the app without receiving an error message.

mylocalsalon – US ONLY

  • When uploading a mylocalsalon gallery image that is invalid or corrupt, an error message will now be displayed to indicate that there is an issue with the image.
  • You can now book an appointment successfully through mylocalsalon.
  • Business hours will now be displayed correctly.
  • The longitude and latitude settings will now sync from the Console to mylocalsaon as expected.
  • Mylocalsalon is now publishing your ratings & reviews again.


  • A user that has access to a large number of sites will no longer experience issues with logging in.
  • Translations were missing in Shortcuts Live for Spanish, French and Dutch languages. These translations have now been added.

Erin Lewis
Erin Lewis is a creative thinker with a passion for the artistic side of hair and beauty. As an Assistant Product Manager, she knows the software inside and out, and loves to show off Shortcuts’ latest features. Erin also creates educational videos and user guides to help salons, spas and clinics get the most out of their software.