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Erin Lewis Nov / 13 / 2017

Check out the latest updates to Shortcuts Live!

These changes affect your Shortcuts Live system, including your cloud-based features (also known as the S.M.A.R.T. System)!

General release date: 14th November 2017

What’s new

Appointment Book

  • Time labels have been added to time slots at each hour on the Appointment Book. This means you will be able to quickly identify appointment times, without always having to look at the time bar on the left hand side.
  • An employee filter has been added to the Appointment Book. This will allow you to filter the employees displayed on the Appointment Book by:
    • Rostered on/off status
    • Gender
    • Alias
    • Employee names (allows you to select individual employees from a list)
    • ‘Awaiting review’ appointment status
  • Once you have entered your desired filter criteria, you then have the option to simply apply the filter, or save it. Saving a custom filter will make it available for quick selection in future.
  • You can now choose to send automatic appointment acknowledgement emails to your customers, to notify them of their appointment details. The email will be sent 3 minutes after an appointment is created on the Appointment Book. If an appointment is rescheduled to a different date, an updated acknowledgement email will be sent to the customer. If a customer replies to an appointment acknowledgement email, their reply will be sent to your site email address. To enable this feature, go to: appointment book setup > appointments setup, then set the toggle to ‘yes’ for ‘automatically send an appointment acknowledgement email’.
  • The ‘clash’ appointment status has been added to the Appointment Book. Appointments will be displayed in a peach colour if there is a clash, and the clash reason will be shown in the appointment touch tip. A clash can occur when: an employee is unavailable, a customer is double-booked, or appointments overlap.
  • The ‘delete service’ button that is shown when booking a service on the Appointment Book has been moved further away from the ‘done’ button, to prevent accidental service removal.
  • When deleting an appointment, it is now mandatory to select a cancellation reason. Additional information has also been added to the sidebar to make it clearer which appointment is being deleted.
  • The performance of the Appointment Book has been improved when navigating between different days.
  • A new setting called ‘allow appointments to be created on a day with no roster entries’, has been added to the Appointment Book setup screen. When this setting is set to ‘no’, an appointment can only be created if at least one person is rostered on for that day.
  • The Appointment Book sidebar has been enhanced to display 3 new categories for quick selection of customers:
    • Recent customers: will show customers whose last activity has taken place in the past 2 hours.  A maximum of 50 customers will be shown.
    • Checked out customers: will show customers who had an appointment on the current day and have now been checked out.
    • Remaining customers for today: will show customers who have an appointment today where the appointment status is not “Cancelled”, “Complete” or “Booking in progress”.

Customer History

  • The customer history screen has been improved to show all employees that worked on a multi-block service.


  • The booking analysis report has been updated. The ‘client bookings’ section has been replaced by a new section called ‘Shortcuts Live activity’. This section shows information for each Shortcuts Live user, such as the number of bookings they added to the Appointment Book, and the number of new customers they added to the customer list.


  • When making an employee inactive, if that employee has future bookings, the latest booking date will be displayed. This makes it easier to find and move the employee’s bookings to another employee.

Resolved issues

Appointment Book

  • Appointments will now display correctly for customers whose names include special characters.
  • The appointment touch tip will now show the client’s requested employee and requested booking times made through the Mobile Guest App.
  • Visit scores displayed on completed appointments are now shown correctly in Internet Explorer.
  • Customer names and service names will now be displayed on all completed appointments.
  • You will now always be able to drag and drop appointments in Safari as intended.
  • Appointments can now be resized on an iPad or iPhone.
  • The text label displayed in an employee’s Appointment Book column when they are rostered off is now displayed correctly.
  • Inactive customers will not be shown in the Appointment Book customer search.
  • An issue has been resolved so that appointment details will always appear in the sidebar when you double click on an appointment.
  • If ‘show only rostered employees’ is selected in the appointment setup screen, the appropriate employees will now be shown on the Appointment Book.
  • When you update an appointment’s status on the Appointment Book, all service blocks for that client on the same day will be updated.
  • An issue has been resolved so that you can now see all service blocks for a multi-block service on the Appointment Book.
  • The rescheduling feature now works correctly for Internet Explorer, and when rescheduling an appointment for the same day (any browser).

Customer History

  • Users with the appropriate permissions are now able to access the customer history screen and view a customer’s previous visits.

Point of Sale

  • You can now remove an item in the Point of Sale screen by entering a quantity of zero and pressing apply.
  • Double clicking on the ‘apply’ button (when entering the payment amount) at the Point of Sale will no longer prevent the appointment from being marked as ‘complete’.


  • The performance of the Employee Performance report has been improved to handle larger date ranges.
  • The number of bookings and the number of new customers displayed in the Booking Analysis report are now calculated accurately.


  • New employees can be created from the employee setup screen without any performance issues occurring throughout Live.
  • The process of creating a new user login for an employee and link them to a role is now smoother and more reliable.


  • The client search function has been improved to display results faster.
  • An issue has been resolved so that the SMS appointment reminders setting behaves as expected for all customers with this setting enabled.

Online Booking

  • Customers will now receive password reset emails when attempting to reset the password for their Online Booking account.
  • Online Booking now works correctly in Safari.
  • French Online Booking Terms and Conditions have been updated.
  • Online Booking notifications will now send even when a site goes offline.
  • An error message will no longer appear when you visit the Online Booking webpage on days when the business is closed. For example, if the business is closed on Sundays, and a customer visits the Online Booking webpage on a Sunday, customers will now still be able to make an appointment for days when the business is open.

Mobile Guest App

  • Available appointment times are now shown correctly on the initial time selection screen.
  • The process of finalising a booking in the Mobile Guest App is now more stable.

Erin Lewis
Erin Lewis is a creative thinker with a passion for the artistic side of hair and beauty. As an Assistant Product Manager, she knows the software inside and out, and loves to show off Shortcuts’ latest features. Erin also creates educational videos and user guides to help salons, spas and clinics get the most out of their software.