Tips from the Top

Want to tap into the male market? We interviewed some savvy salon and barbershop owners about how they are using technology to appeal to the modern man, and their secrets for success. Here’s what they had to say:

Tip #1: Make booking convenient
Men are more image conscious these days, yet increasingly time poor. Online booking gives the client the freedom and control to get their hair cut when it suits them, without needing to wait around or speak to someone on the phone. Give guys that and you’ve got a loyal client.”
Shorty Maniace – Owner of J.P. Kempt Barber & Social

Tip #2: Keep it simple
“We know men are simple. They don’t want to go through layers of people to navigate through when they come for a haircut and they won’t answer their phones. To cater to this we offer online booking and text reminders and they love it.”
Emily Brown – Director of Operations, V’s Barbershop

Tip #3: Respect their time
“Men want us to make their lives easier, and their time is extremely valuable. Using our software to be able to communicate to a client almost their exact wait-time is a huge plus. Our clients are amazed that we have almost got it down to a science. We are pretty confident this level of service contributes to our remarkable success in keeping loyal clients (85%).”
Sherry Varone – Owner, The Ultimate Shave

Tip #4: Use technology to gather reviews
“Because men are so “quick,” it can be challenging to gather feedback about their visit with after their service. Any client who provides either his email or mobile phone number will receive a text asking him to complete a short survey about their visit. The survey tool was launched last year and so far, Floyd’s 99 has collected thousands of responses.”
Natalie Ifland – Manager of Education and Point of Sale, Floyd’s 99 Barbershops

Tip #5: Stay connected through consistent communications
“Communication with our clients helps us sustain and build our loyal clientele so we use our software a lot. Men are often reluctant to call in or take calls so we focus a lot on using technology including texts, emails and social media to reach out to them.”
Meg Kott – Regional and Systems Manager, 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons

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