Introducing the Cloud Appointment Book

We think you’re going to love this!

The basics

Wrap your head around the basics of your new Cloud Appointment Book.

Set up staff access

Learn how to set up logins for your staff so that they can start accessing the Cloud Appointment Book.

New customer appointment

Learn how to make an appointment for a new customer.

Existing customer appointment

Learn how to make an appointment for an existing customer.

Cancel an appointment

Learn how to cancel an appointment.

Reschedule an appointment

Learn how to reschedule an appointment.

Edit an appointment

Learn now to make changes to an existing appointment.

Touch-tip and status features

Discover the appointment touch-tip and status features.

Client history overview

Learn how to access client history, visit notes and transaction details.

Get set

Get set up with Upfront Payments in a few simple steps.

Making payments

Discover how your clients make Upfront Payments in the Mobile Guest App.

Manage Upfront Payments

Learn how to manage Upfront Payments in Shortcuts Fusion.

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