New and improved

We’ve worked hard while you were gone and have made significant improvements to Shortcuts. From moving our favorite features to the cloud to expanding gift card functionality to take them online, Shortcuts has always kept its customer’s as their number one priority. Check out the top features added while you we’re gone below

Cloud Appointment Book
View your Appointment Book from anywhere
Cloud Reporting
Your essential numbers on the go
Shortcuts Marketing
Keeping you engaged with your clients
Mobile Guest App
Available for clients in the app store
Online Gift Cards
Revenue 24/7
Reserve with Google
Book directly from Google
Upfront Payments
Guaranteed revenue
Cloud Upsell
Upsell Products & Services directly from the chair

COVID-19 Resource Hub

During this difficult time, we have created a few resources to help get you through.

Our live resource hub of COVID-19 information is designed to help make this difficult time less difficult! The hub is full of information that’s important to businesses, How-To videos and a communication kit to make communicating to your clients easier at this time.

The Hub is constantly updated so you can refer back to it for information and support.

Check It Out!

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If you join the Shortcuts family at this time, you will pay nothing until your salon is up and running again.