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Why your business needs Stripe Upfront Payments

Christin Riggs Jul / 09 / 2019

We want to be upfront about why you need Stripe Upfront Payments. The list of benefits is long, but that’s EXACTLY why we want to share it.

• Guests can pay for services on their computer or mobile device as part of the Online Booking process
• Guests can pay for services through the Mobile Guest App
• Businesses can secure payment before the appointment
• Settings are fully customizable, giving businesses the flexibility to choose how and when to take upfront payments
• Reduce no-shows
• Encourage clients to spend more on additional products and services during their visit, as part or all of their financial commitment is already out of mind
• Streamline the front desk – no more taking deposits over the phone

Signing up happens in 3 easy steps! Want to get started? Contact your customer care rep today!

Christin Riggs

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