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Anti-spam policy

View our Anti-spam policy below.


Revised 30th January 2020

Shortcuts Software’s communications platform Shortcuts Marketing allows its users to administer permission-based communications via the internet, sending personalised messages from organisations to their customers and subscribers. By registering as a partner or affiliate of Shortcuts Software, you agree to adhere to the Shortcuts Marketing anti-spam policy.

The transmission of unsolicited commercial electronic messages is expressly forbidden through the Shortcuts Marketing system. As the sender and/or authoriser of these messages it is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the consent being relied upon and that it meets the required levels per current legislation.

What is a commercial electronic message?

A commercial electronic message is a message that:

  • Offers, advertises, or promotes the supply (or a supplier) of goods, services, land or business or investment opportunities.
    Note: the term ‘commercial’ also considers the content of the message, presentation of the message, any links, phone numbers or contact information contained within a message that lead to content that has a commercial purpose.

What is a non-commercial electronic message?

A non-commercial electronic message (i.e. a designated commercial electronic message) is a message that:

  • Is purely factual in nature, contains directly related content (of a non-commercial nature), and limited ‘commercial’ information such as name, logo, and contact details of the person or organisation who authorised the sending of the message, or the name and contact details of its author, author’s employer, organisation, partnership or sponsor. Note: most electronic newsletters do not constitute purely factual information.


Messages must be sent with the recipients’ consent. Consent can be express or implied. Shortcuts Software reserves the right to request proof of consent for you to contact members in your database.

Note: Government bodies, charities, religious organisations, registered political parties and educational institutions (for messages sent to current and former students) are able to send messages without consent have been obtained.


We keep your personal information confidential to the best of our ability. We do not share that information about you with any other individual, organisation, or agency unless it is necessary to provide you with a service that you have requested, or is required or authorised by law. Shortcuts Software employs generally-accepted standards of technology and operational security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and unauthorised alteration of personal information supplied. All commercial electronic messages must comply with anti-spam legislation requirements and therefore must contain accurate information about the person or organisation that authorised the sending of the message; it must also contain information on how to contact the authoriser of the message.


All Shortcuts Marketing messages contain a functional unsubscribe facility to allow the recipient to opt-out from receiving message from that source in the future. These unsubscribe requests are honoured within 5 working days. It is not permitted to hide the unsubscribe facility that is automatically inserted by the Shortcuts Marketing platform.

Member Sign-Ups And Database Acquisition

Acceptable forms of acquiring your database:

  • Via an opt-in on your website i.e. online newsletter, VIP club etc.
  • A “further communication” opt-in box from any form representing your company – i.e. competition, promotional offer.
  • Business card acquisition (fishbowl on reception desk, etc.) – with a sign indicating they opt in for future communication.Unacceptable forms of acquiring your database:
  • You copied database members’ details from the internet, white pages, yellow pages or another source without receiving permission (harvested address list).
  • Through a ‘test the water’ message that is sent to an individual for the purpose of obtaining their consent to send messages in the future.
  • Through the use of pre-ticked consent boxes on sign up forms (whether digital or paper version).

Using Rented Or Purchased Databases Or Lists

Anti-spam legislation in Australia permits the use of rented or purchased lists. Shortcuts Software’s Shortcuts Marketing anti-spam policy requires you to disclose to us in writing where a rented or purchased database or list is acquired and will be used for the purpose of sending commercial electronic messages through the Shortcuts Marketing platform.

Shortcuts Software also requires written confirmation from the list owner/vendor that consent has been given by the recipients on a provided list. The list owner/vendor may not be the list broker. If written confirmation of consent cannot be obtained Shortcuts Software reserves the right to refuse the addition of the list to the Shortcuts Marketing platform and/or termination of your account.

Members that unsubscribe via the Shortcuts Marketing platform must have their details passed back to the list owner within 5 working days so that they may remove the details from their copy of the list also.

Privacy Policy

The Shortcuts Marketing anti-spam policy requires that you supply a valid operational URL for your organisation’s privacy policy. Shortcuts Marketing inserts a link to this privacy policy in every commercial electronic message sent via the platform.

Spam Complaints

Shortcuts Software is a member of a number of feedback loop programs. It is our policy to unsubscribe (within 5 working days) any feedback loop complaint notification that is received via these feedback loop programs.

Any spam complaints that come directly to Shortcuts Software relating to the activity of a specific partner or affiliate will be re-directed to the relevant partner or affiliate for action and possibly monitored by Shortcuts Software until the matter is resolved satisfactorily.

Inappropriate Use Of Shortcuts Marketing In Contravention To This Policy

All registered Shortcuts Software believes a partner or affiliate is using Shortcuts Marketing inappropriately and/or to communicate to people without their permission, we reserve the right to terminate the account immediately.

Questions and enquires about Shortcuts Software’s Shortcuts Marketing Anti-Spam Policy should be directed to:

Shortcuts Software
PO Box 763
Spring Hill
Qld 4004 Australia
P) 1300 667 374