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No need to hope for your clients to show-up

No-shows and last-minute cancellations is probably something that affects most salons. It can cause endless frustration when a 2-3 hour cut and color client doesn’t turn up! How much time and money does that cost your business? What can your stylist do with that time? Why hasn’t the client shown up?
Mar / 14 / 2019
Angel Gonzales
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No time in the hair and beauty industry

Time – if you think about it is a very precious luxury yet most of us take it for granted every single day. We talk about time; we waste it, we disrespect it and we’re sometimes oblivious to the fact that we’ll one day run out of it. I believe this applies to everyone and every industry in the world. It’s an issue we all struggle with yet very few of us gain control of the situation and say, ‘hey, time is precious, time is money, time is valuable.’
Aug / 14 / 2018
Angel Gonzales
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But I’m a hairdresser not a salesperson!

Are your salon retail sales slowly dying? Are clients buying online? Are they choosing to buy something from Amazon instead of your salon? Why don’t your clients buy retail from your salon? Here’s how you can increase retail in your salon.
Jul / 14 / 2018
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