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Business tips for your salon during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changes each day, we understand how much uncertainty you might be feeling right now. We wanted to collate some thought-provoking business tips that can give you something to focus on, form a strategic game plan, and hopefully progress your business at a time where you may feel it might try and run in the opposite direction.
Mar / 20 / 2020
Christin Riggs
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Coping with Coronavirus

Hot topic for all the wrong reasons, Coronavirus is on everyone’s minds right now as outbreaks start to spread in Australia and New Zealand. While fighting over toilet paper isn’t going to get our countries anywhere fast in dealing with the pandemic, there’s a few things that will and businesses all over are putting in measures to cope with the spread of the virus.
Mar / 17 / 2020
Christin Riggs
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The Changing Landscape of Customer Loyalty

EXPERIENCE + RELATIONSHIP + TECHNOLOGY In order to make sure we maintain our traditional or long-standing guest relationship, we must also develop new strategies for attracting today’s newer client and the client of the future. Millennials and Gen Z are a large percentage of today’s client and will be the…
Feb / 25 / 2020
Alyssa Venere
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