Setting up Online Gift Cards & how to monitor

Tuesday, March 31 @ 9am PDT

Online Gift Cards are a great way to build revenue, promote your business, and strengthen customer loyalty. If you are not using gift cards, then you are surely missing out. Shortcuts supports cards that can be used at multiple locations, and best of all, even cards that can be purchased online! Learn how to utilize Online Gift cards to build revenue even if you are closed.

Gift Certificates / GiftME / Online Gift Cards
• Setup Online Gift Cards
• How to track and sell gift cards

shortcuts software blog content marketing woman working at computer

Shortcuts Elite Marketing

Thursday, April 2 @ 9am PDT

Ready to take your marketing to the next level with Shortcuts Marketing Elite? We’ll cover everything you need to know to create targeted, mobile-friendly marketing campaigns, that will impress your clients and grow your business year-round. The Shortcuts Marketing Elite platform is free to use at this time!

Shortcuts Elite Marketing
• Build a mobile-friendly email
• use and build time-saving email templates
• Setup, test and activate new campaigns
• Measure your campaign return on investment


Email & SMS Campaigns

Tuesday, April 7 @ 9am PDT

Looking for email and SMS marketing that’s super simple to use and zero fuss, yet still powerful and effective? Well, this is the perfect option for you. With Shortcuts Marketing you’ll get easy-to-use yet powerful email and SMS campaigns that are ready-made for you.

Email & SMS Campaign
• Ability to send broadcast campaigns to all clients or a targeted client list
• Free, unlimited emails per month regardless of your database
• Cost-effective SMS bundles
• Access your marketing all from one place within Shortcuts


Recovery Planning for Re-Opening

Thursday, April 9 @ 9am PDT

Let’s talk about planning for the future. Now is the time to decide how you plan to re-open, what communication needs to be sent to customers, and what needs to be done in Shortcuts for a successful re-open! Start thinking about what are the steps you are going to take to come out of this stronger!

Recovery Planning for Re-Opening
• Recovery Plan PDF
• How to communicate with your customers
• Making changes in Shortcuts

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Marketing for 2020

Tuesday, April 14 @ 9am PDT

Communication with your clients is going to be key over the next few weeks and months! Engaging with your clients is the most productive thing you can do. Coming out of this strong and engaged with your customers is only going to help you in the long run. We are going to help you with this. Take this time to be productive by planning out your marketing for 2020!

Marketing for 2020
• Shortcuts Marketing
• Shortcuts Elite Marketing
• Social Sorted
• 30 Marketing Tips & Tricks


Cloud Appointment Book

Thursday, April 16 @ 9am PDT

Learn how to access the Cloud Appointment Book, learn the basic functions, and be able to quickly see sales and performance information through the Dashboard! Be productive while you have additional time. Determine the best way to implement these features into your salon, spa, or barbershop!

Cloud Appointment Book
• How to access Cloud Appointment Book
• How to set up employees & permissions
• The Dashboard



Tuesday, April 21 @ 9am PDT

Don’t let your salon staff grow complacent! A bored employee is a liability. Employees are looking for growth, they want a challenge. Savvy managers know how to create smart goals for their team. Shortcuts makes it easy to design Targets around your business and even individual team members with industry-standard Key Performance Indicators. If you are ready to find out how Targets can work for you then be sure to sign up for the next webinar!

• Find out what Targets are
• See how they can help you grow your business
• Learn how to configure Targets within Shortcuts
• And so much more!


Online Booking / BookME - Basics

Thursday, April 23 @ 9am PDT

Online booking has been a huge advancement for most businesses. If you are not using BookME through Shortcuts, or need help setting it up then this is the classroom session for you. We will cover the important details, including how to enable certain services or staff members to be booked online. How to add online booking to your Facebook page, and even how a customer makes an appointment.

Online Booking / BookME – Basics
• How to configure BookME settings
• How to add a BookME link to Facebook
• How to make an appointment for self, or family members


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