Cloud Appointment Book - Basics

Tuesday, February 11 @ 9am PST

Have you wanted more accessibility to your appointment book? The Shortcuts Cloud Appointment Book (CAB) will give you just that. Sign up for our Cloud Appointment Book class and learn how to access the Cloud Appointment Book, learn the basic functions, and be able to quickly see sales and performance information through the Dashboard!

Cloud Appointment Book – Basics
• Accessing the CAB
• The functions of the CAB / Cloud Reports
• The Dashboard


Cloud Appointment Book – Advanced

Tuesday, February 18 @ 9am PST

If you are a salon owner or manager that wants to know how to get the most out of the Cloud then the next classroom session is right for you. The advanced class will cover how to give employees access to the cloud, how to create custom roles for your staff, and how to set Targets for your team, and business.

Cloud Appointment Book – Advanced
• Creating Employee Access
• Editing / Creating New Roles
• Setting up Targets
• And more


Walkin Manager – Basics

Tuesday, February 25 @ 9am PST

If your business is high volume and you need your customers to get in an out efficiently, and your staff to clock in and out quickly then you need to know about the Walkin Manager in Shortcuts. Be sure to attend this classroom session to get up to speed on this powerful tool in Shortcuts.

Walkin Manager – Basics
• Walkin Configuration
• Employee Access
• Client Management


POS Appointment Book – Basics

Tuesday, March 3 @ 9am PST

If you are new to Shortcuts and want to get up to speed on the appointment book then this is the classroom session for you. Learn how to get the most on the appointment book screen, how to record client notes, and much more.

POS Appointment Book – Basics
• Navigating the Appointment Book Screen
• Client Management
• Making Appointments / Changing Status

Richard Ward Appointment Book

POS Appointment Book – Advanced

Tuesday, March 10 @ 9am PDT

If you are already familiar with the Appointment Book and want to take your Shortcuts to the next level then sign up for the Advanced class. We will explore working with service blocks, to help with double-bookings, set up resources in a spa setting, and using the appointment assistant for your busiest days. You don’t know, what you don’t know, if you miss our next classroom session.

POS Appointment Book – Advanced
• Working with Service Blocks
• Setting up Resources
• Using the Appointment Assistant / Waitlist


Shortcuts Marketing – Basics

Tuesday, March 17 @ 9am PDT

Did you know that all of our Shortcuts customers have the ability to send out automated email campaigns? Do you know how to set up and activate messages that can help improve sales, retention and loyalty? If not then you absolutely must sit in on this classroom session. Learn all the basics, and learn how you can even set up SMS / Text campaigns for your clients as well!

Shortcuts Marketing – Basics
• Configure Shortcuts Marketing
• How to send an SMS / Email Blast
• How to send an SMS / Email Automated campaign


Shortcuts Marketing – Advanced

Tuesday, March 24 @ 9am PDT

If you already have email campaigns set up using Shortcuts Marketing and want to pick up a few more tips that can help get eyes on your email campaigns then be sure to sign up for the Advanced class! Learn how to work with a list of targeted clients, how to work with graphics, html, and more tips to optimize your messages.

Shortcuts Marketing – Advanced
• Working with Marketing for a Targeted Campaign
• Best tips on working with graphics
• Basics HTML for links and text


Point of Sale – Basics

Tuesday, March 31 @ 9am PDT

This classroom is an absolute must for every salon, spa, and barbershop using Shortcuts. If you have a new staff, new manager, or just need a refresher on the Shortcuts Point of Sale then be sure to sign up. We will look at how to sell services, products, and sundry. We will also cover the start of day and end of day process. Never have a miscount again! Be sure to invite your colleagues if you think they should also know how to get the most out of the Shortcuts Point of Sale.

Point of Sale – Basics
• Understand the Start of Day Process
• Sell Services, Products, and Sundry
• Understand the End of Day Process

Inky Steve POS

Point of Sale – Advanced

Tuesday, April 7 @ 9am PDT

If you and your team are already comfortable working with the point of sale, and you would like to learn how to get the most out of your program then sign up for the Advanced class. This time you’ll learn how to track professional products, work with petty cash, allow customers to have accounts with your business, and much more

Point of Sale – Advanced
• Track professional use products
• Work with Petty Cash
• Take Deposits / work with Accounts


Inventory Management – Basics

Tuesday, April 14 @ 9am PDT

Easily the most powerful tool in Shortcuts that just doesn’t get enough attention. Find out why some of the biggest beauty companies in the world love Shortcuts Inventory. Learn the basics, like adding a company, line, and product. How to work with suppliers, and how to properly track items. This is one classroom session that owners, and managers cannot afford to miss.

Inventory Management – Basics
• How to create a Supplier
• How to add a company and line
• How to work with Levels

man sitting in salon using laptop

Inventory Management – Advanced

Tuesday, April 21 @ 9am PDT

If you have already been using Shortcuts to help track inventory, and want to learn the proper ways to place an order, take an inventory count, or even create your own salon bundles, then this is the class that you have been waiting for.

Inventory Management – Advanced
• How to do an Inventory Count
• How to place and order / receive an order
• How to Bundle products

shortcuts software blog back to basics reports

Shortcuts Reports – Basics

Tuesday, April 28 @ 9am PDT

If you are a new salon owner, and need help sorting through the 100+ reports in Shortcuts then this is the classroom for you. In this session we will focus on the essential reports that every salon owner should use. From the best day-to-day report, to the ones that will help with attendance and payroll. This is a classroom that should not be missed.

Shortcuts Reports – Basics
• Learn how to access and assign security to reports
• Look at the five most popular reports
• How to set up and use Service Categories


Shortcuts Reports – Advanced

Tuesday, May 5 @ 9am PDT

If you are a salon that has a unique commission structure, one that applies a different commission for chemical services as opposed to regular services then you need to find out about Extended Commissions. Whether you require deductions before you calculate your commission, pay your staff on a tier or target basis, then this is the classroom for you. Unlike the other classroom sessions this presentation will only apply to those that have already purchased the Extended Commissions add-on for Shortcuts. Please contact customer care for more information.

Shortcuts Reports – Advanced
• Setting up Extended Commissions
• Running the Extended Commission Report


Online Booking / BookME - Basics

Tuesday, May 12 @ 9am PDT

Online booking has been a huge advancement for most businesses. If you are not using BookME through Shortcuts, or need help setting it up then this is the classroom session for you. We will cover the important details, including how to enable certain services or staff members to be booked online. How to add online booking to your Facebook page, and even how a customer makes an appointment.

Online Booking / BookME – Basics
• How to configure BookME settings
• How to add a BookME link to Facebook
• How to make an appointment for self, or family members


Spotlight Ratings & Reviews - Basics

Tuesday, May 19 @ 9am PDT

Did you know that if you are on the Evolve or Elevate packages from Shortcuts that you have access to automated surveys for your customers? Find out how these surveys work, and how you can share glowing customer reviews on your Facebook page. Spotlight by Shortcuts will give you tremendous business insight, but only if you know how to use it. Don’t be left out in the dark, learn how to use your Spotlight!

Spotlight Ratings & Reviews – Basics
• Configure Spotlight for Facebook
• Set up survey frequency
• How to access survey responses


Anywhere - Basics

Tuesday, May 26 @ 9am PDT

Did you know that every user of Shortcuts has the potential to look at their appointment book remotely? We call this Anywhere! It frees up your staff from having to look at the Shortcuts Point of Sale computer when they want to review at their own appointments. Even better, you can give your staff permission to make appointments for themselves, or even coworkers using Anywhere. In this classroom session we’ll cover the basics, including the security levels for your manager, and staff.

Anywhere – Basics
• How to add employees to Anywhere
• Understand the different permission levels
• How to access Anywhere


Online Client Information Card / Custom Forms - Basics

Tuesday, June 2 @ 9am PDT

Online client information cards give your staff the freedom to add clients, review visit notes, or even fill out forms from any tablet or mobile device. If you are a spa that relies on paper forms then its time to update to the digital age! Create your own forms, have the ability to record signatures, and even give only certain staff members permission to access these forms. We cover all the basics in this classroom session.

Online Client Information Card / Custom Forms – Basics
• How to give access to Online CIC
• How to configure Custom Forms
• How to use Custom Forms


Client Management / Merging Clients - Basics

Tuesday, June 9 @ 9am PDT

If you have been using Shortcuts for years then chances are that your system is filled with duplicate customers. In this classroom session we’ll look at the proper steps to use a feature called Merge. What information is carried over when merging clients? How do you prevent important details from being lost? Best of all if your system is running sluggish, this is just one way to help speed up the performance.

Client Management / Merging Clients – Basics
• How to record History Notes
• How to add demographic data for clients
• How to find and merge duplicate clients


Employee Attendance, Schedule and Commissions - Basics

Tuesday, June 16 @ 9am PDT

This is a must-attend classroom for all of the managers and owners that are completely new to Shortcuts. Learn how to set schedules for your staff. How to track hourly employees, and even fix attendance. The lessons in this classroom session will help with your online scheduling, and even payroll. Be sure to sign up right away!

Employee Attendance, Schedule and Commission – Basics
• How to clock in and clock out
• How to add an employee schedule
• How to fix employee attendance


Gift Certificates / GiftME / Online Gift Cards - Basics

Tuesday, June 23 @ 9am PDT

The final entry in the Shortcuts classroom session may be the most important for your business. Gift Cards are a great way to build revenue, promote your business, and strengthen customer loyalty. If you are not using gift cards then you are sorely missing out. Shortcuts supports cards that can be used at multiple locations, and best of all, even cards that can be purchased online! Learn all there is to know in this classroom session.

Gift Certificates / GiftME / Online Gift Cards – Basics
• How to track and sell gift certificates
• Working with GiftME Gift Cards
• Set up Online Gift Cards


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