Preparing your Marketing for 2020

Thursday, April 9 @ 9am PDT

Communication with your clients is going to be key over the next few weeks and months! Engaging with your clients is the most productive thing you can do. Coming out of this strong and engaged with your customers is only going to help you in the long run. We are going to help you with this. Take this time to be productive by planning out your marketing for 2020!

Marketing for 2020
• Shortcuts Marketing
• Shortcuts Elite Marketing
• Social Sorted
• 30 Marketing Tips & Tricks


Stay Socially Connected

Thursday, April 16 @ 9am PDT

Showing up is exactly what your ideal clients need from you right now! Engaging with them via your various social platforms creates a stronger emotional connection between your clients and your brand. Now is not the time to try and be perfect. It’s time to be visible and make connections with your clients, even from a distance. We’re teaching you how to make your brand visible, how to manage your online reputation and make it easier for your clients to book with you when it’s time to have them back in your chair. You don’t want to miss out!

Stay Socially Connected
• Putting your Online Booking Link on all your social platforms
• Managing your Online Reviews with Spotlight
• Managing your Google Reviews
• Posting to your Google My Business Listing
• FREE access to Social Sorted until June 30th, 2020

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Advanced Shortcuts Elite Marketing

Tuesday, April 21 at 9AM PDT

During this time difficult time, you’re thinking of any way possible to generate revenue. With Shortcuts Elite Marketing, you can do more than just send a mass campaign to all your clients. Drill down into specific clients who have purchased certain products, booked specific services, or any combination in-between in the past to target for future campaigns. We will explore how to obtain these targeted lists of clients, create more than just a basic email, and how to work with your design team using Shortcuts Elite Marketing. Be sure to sign up today!

Advanced Shortcuts Elite Marketing
• Create targeted lists
• Advanced message construction
• HTML Editor
• Working with your design team


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