Spotlight Rating & Reviews - Basics

Tuesday, September 22 @ 9 AM PDT

Did you know 67% of customers make decisions based on online reviews? Positive reviews improve your reputation, increase your sales, enhance ranking on search engines, and have the ability to boost profitability! With Shortcuts Spotlight, learn how to create surveys, view reviews, respond to both positive and negative customer reviews and share those positive reviews on Facebook! Utilizing Spotlight will give you incredible business insights! Register for the online class today!

Spotlight Ratings & Reviews – Basics
• Configure Spotlight for Facebook
• Set up survey frequency
• How to access survey responses


Shortcuts Anywhere - Basics

Tuesday, September 29 @ 9 AM PDT

Did you know that every Shortcuts user has the ability to view their appointment book remotely? We call this Anywhere! It allows your staff to view their own appointments without having to look at the Shortcuts Point of Sale computer. You can even give your staff or coworkers permission to make appointments for themselves, awesome right?! We will cover the basics in this classroom session, including the security levels for your manager and staff. Register now!

Anywhere – Basics
• How to add employees to Anywhere
• Understand the different permission levels
• How to access Anywhere


Online Client Information Card / Custom Forms - Basics

Tuesday, October 6 @ 9 AM PDT

With online client information, your staff can have the freedom to add clients, review visit notes, and fill out forms from any mobile device. If you are still doing it old school – pen & paper – than it is time to upgrade! This online class will cover all the basics of custom forms, staff member permission and more! Register today!

Online Client Information & Custom Forms – Basics
• How to give access to online CIC
• How to configure Custom Forms
• How to use Custom Forms


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