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Shortcuts features

Discover our powerful features and how they can help you work smarter, not harder, so you can reclaim your work/life balance once and for all!

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Appointment Book

Our intuitive, touch-screen Appointment Book helps you manage your day with ease. Flexible and styled to suit you, it lets you change, resize, reschedule and recur appointments, and group appointments together, saving you time when you need it most.

Point of Sale

Streamline your front desk with our stylish, touch-screen point of sale system. You can quickly check out clients, refund products and services, apply discounts, and more. All it takes is a few taps and hey presto! You’re done.

24/7 Support

Need help with your software? Have a few questions you can’t quite figure out? Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you can always speak to a real person in the US, Canada, Australia,  or UK if any technical issues do happen to arise.

Client Management

Empower your staff to deliver an exceptional guest experience and upsell without the sales pitch by helping them get to know everything about your clients. Record each client’s history, track their progress over time, and more.

Service Management

Setting up your services has never been simpler. With Shortcuts, everything you need to manage your service menu is at your fingertips, so all you need to do is set things up one, then let your settings flow across your entire software system.


Tempt your clients with the convenience of purchasing their favorite services in bulk. Sweeten the deal with a special discount, and you’ll find there’s no better way to secure your revenue and keep them coming back visit after visit.

Employee Management

Take the stress out of managing a team and be the first to know the ins and outs of your employees’ performance. Keep an eye on their retail upsell, attendance, and more, so you know which conversations to start, and when.

Customer Experience Features

Mobile Guest App

We’ll create a personalized mobile app for your guests to download directly from the app store. They’ll get instant access to news, specials, and their loyalty balance, plus they’ll be able to manage their own appointments, anytime, anywhere!

Online Booking

Think your guests have time to pick up the phone to make an appointment? Think again! Capture every client by letting them book online when it suits them. You can even cut back on no-shows by asking them to pay when they book.

Reserve with Google

Let your clients book an appointment with you, the minute they find you on Google. Reserve with Google syncs seamlessly with your Online Booking, which means no double bookings, ever. This exclusive feature is only available for Shortcuts customers.

Walk-in Manager

Keep your business moving and keep your clients content with this powerful system designed to help you manage walk-ins. You can see at a glance who is waiting, who is already being looked after, and who is next on the list.

Self Check-in

Cut down wait times by letting your clients check in on a computer or tablet in your waiting area, or on their mobile phone if they’re on their way. Let them know how long they have to wait with a digital display board, updated in real-time.

Ratings and Reviews

Find out what your clients really think and nip any complaints in the bud with our Ratings and Reviews feature. Automatically email them after they visit asking for their feedback, and share positive reviews on your website, social media page, or mylocalsalon profile!

Gift Cards

You can choose to sell physical gift cards in-salon, beautifully custom-designed with your logo and branding. You can also choose to sell online gift cards straight from your website. It’s the perfect way to increase revenue and grow your client base.


Don’t play hide and seek with your clients, get on mylocalsalon! This online, Australia-wide directory lets your future clients find you online and make an appointment at the click of a button. Establishing a web presence has never been easier!

Payment Features

Integrated Payments

Ready to decrease the risk of user error when it comes to collecting credit card payments? Integrated Payments allows your credit card terminal and Shortcuts software to communicate with each other seamlessly to process transactions.

Cardless Checkout

Make the checkout process so much simpler with Cardless Checkout! Wave good-bye to queues at your front desk, and hello to a new Uber-style way of paying for appointments – zero cards required!

Cancellation Fees

Protect your revenue and reduce no-shows for good! Cancellations is an easy-to-use feature that allows you to request a guest’s payment card details for appointments, which can later be used to charge a cancellation fee for a no-show or cancellation.

Shortcuts Tip Cards

Tired of keeping large amounts of cash on hand to tip out your stylists? Say goodbye to bank runs and hello to TIPS CARDS. This stylist-requested feature allows you to give your employees their earned credit card tips by loading them onto a debit card with the click of a button.

Cloud Upsell

With Cloud Upsell, you can make personalized product recommendations and add them to Point of Sale from the convenience of a mobile device. This is the perfect way to increase product sales and make the entire upsell process seamless.


Keep an eye on your KPIs, drive improvements and grow your business with this flexible, highly visual cloud-based feature. You can set up weekly targets for your team and your business, and can focus on the areas that matter most to you.

Business Management Features

Inventory Management

Say goodbye to the guesswork when it comes to ordering products. This automated feature will let you know when you’re running low so you can replenish your inventory levels accurately and never over-order again. It also makes inventory time a breeze!


Resources lets you assign resources – such as service rooms or equipment – to an appointment. Each time you make an appointment, you’ll be prompted to assign the relevant resources, such as a tanning booth if your client has booked a spray tan. There’s never been an easier way to ensure you never accidentally double-book a resource again.


Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your valuable business information is protected. Shortcuts helps keep your data under lock and key with personalized security settings, so you have the power to choose who can access what.


Track (and celebrate) your progress with our easy-to-use reporting feature. We make it simple to keep track of your cash flow, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and improve the way you do business and work together as a team.

Business Benchmarking

How does your business stack up against the competition? There’s only one way to tell. Our Business Performance Calculator is a powerful analytics tool that measures how well you’re doing compared with similar businesses in your industry.

Automated Backups

Your software system is the lifeblood of your business, so guard it well! This feature automatically takes a backup of your valuable data and stores it safely off-site, protecting you against any unforeseen disasters such as fire or theft.

Personalized Configuration

We make sure everything is set up just the way you need it, so you’ll be up and running with your new software in no time at all. All the hard work is done for you, including your product lists, service menu, and security settings.


Learn to drive your shiny new system with our engaging and hands-on training. You and your team will be guided through the essentials by one of our experienced coaches, so you feel comfortable taking the driver’s seat.

SMS Confirmations

This feature is such a simple way to prevent no-shows, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Automatically send a text message reminder to your clients, and their confirmation will sync with your Appointment Book so you know which spots you need to fill. Too easy!


Loyal customers are worth their weight in gold, which is why we designed a feature dedicated to helping you incentivize and reward your clients. There’s no better way to keep your guests coming back, visit after visit!

Customized Forms

Make sure you have all the boxes ticked with custom-created online forms that suit your unique business needs. Capture essential details such as allergies and contraindications, or obtain client consent, before you perform a service.

Online Client Information Cards

This handy little feature makes capturing client information a breeze. Your clients simply enter their details on an iPad or tablet, and your system will be instantly updated. You’ll never have to worry about data entry mistakes again.

Visual Records

Keep track of clients’ progress and empower your team to deliver the highest quality treatments with detailed visual records of each client’s visit. Compare before and after shots and look back on details of past procedures.

Customer Communication Features


Promote your business at the click of a button (or: in no time flat) with Marketing. This simple, yet super powerful, solution allows you to send email and SMS marketing to your clients without the fuss.

Marketing Plus

Are you looking for a way to take your marketing to the next level? To create eye-catching campaigns that are perfectly and uniquely suited to communicate with your clients? With Marketing Plus add-on, you can do just that! Make your marketing stand out above the rest with customizable campaigns that will drive results suited to your business.

Mailchimp integration

If you want to get creative with your email campaigns, Shortcuts have integrated with Mailchimp to bring their innovative marketing platform to your business!

Website Hosting

Shortcuts will help you build and support your personal business website!. Why build your website with us? We have direct widgets and integrations that pair your website directly with your software. All completely customizable. Let us be your one-stop shop for your online presence.

Contactless Payments

Enhance your customer experience! Our payment features allow you to accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Tap to Pay.

Online Giftcards

Enjoy the ability to allow your customer to purchase a gift card to your location straight from your website!  It’s the perfect way to increase revenue and grow your client base.

Upfront Payments

allows for a prepaid booking and the management of those prepaid payments and transactions – this is also a good tool to prevent no-shows.

Remote Connection

Why restrict yourself to the salon when you can deliver seamless service to your guests from anywhere you are? Enjoy the convenience of a secure and remote way to access your software from the comfort of your home or even on vacation.

Online Access Features

Cloud Appointment Book

Take your business mobile with the beautifully-designed Cloud Appointment Book. For the first time, you can access your favorite Appointment Book features wherever you are, so you can focus on providing an exceptional experience for your guests.

Cloud Reporting

Access all your reporting must-haves in a gorgeous, easy-to-use dashboard in the cloud. This feature brings together Shortcuts’ most in-demand reports into a simple, fantastic-looking dashboard in the cloud. Knowing your numbers has never been easier!